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Eggs are truly one of my favorite foods…..once I realized that I could have them in all sorts of different colors and variety and control the quality and lifestyle for the most part of the chickens that laid them well words cannot describe my delight.

The sky is the limit with eggs……well I have blogged about making french toast, and I love omelette, hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, but tonight I made a frittata for lunch tomorrow.  The fabulous frittata takes about five minutes to make, it’s healthy and delicious!

I remember as a child they would state all of the reason’s people should limit their egg consumption and I never understood that I am not sure what they are saying about eggs now it probably doesn’t matter because I probably wouldn’t listen.

My Fabulous Frittata recipe is super simple:

I simply put a tsp. or two of olive oil in the bottom of a small egg pan

My Mom left some leeks at my house on Thanksgiving so I chopped some up just a handful and put them in the pan.

If tomatoes are in season you could use them.

I chopped up 2 mushrooms and put them in the pan.

I chopped up some onion about a handful and threw that in too…

Can you tell I’m an onion fan?

Then I take 2 to 4 eggs depending on your appetite and mix them up and then dump over the contents in the pan after everything has softened up quite a bit.  Then let it cook until it’s about half way done.

Then I sprinkle about a TBSP. of shredded cheese on top and I will use just about any cheese I have on hand but if you don’t have regular cheese and decide to use some cream cheese mix that in when you dump in the eggs real well with a whisk.

Because I am eating this at work I cook it until it’s just about almost done because I have to microwave it at work.  So I put it away in the refrigerator container a little moister than I would actually eat it at home.

This lunch is always delicious and satisfying, healthy and low carb!

I am a huge believer of using what you have and not always running out to the grocery store for every item.  People made do for years without going to the grocery store every day.  I still don’t really understand why they have grocery stores open on Thanksgiving Day and or Christmas Day that being said because they were open my husband did go………ugh I hate to admit it but you know its true what they say….if you build it they will come…we will!  We just don’t know we will yet….LOL!  Okay that’s my musing for the day!  Disappointed in ourselves yes but we still took advantage of it.

Thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

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PS:  Who is ready for the holidays?  Not I….;)

11 thoughts on “Fabulous Frittata & Other Musings

  1. I ADORE frittatas!! Honestly, I don’t how you can save it for lunch. I probably would have had to cut out a big chunk…okay..half of it and eat it right now!! 🙂

  2. I just LOVE your blogs !!! I was wondering about freezing eggs ! I eat Frittatas almost daily !!! I also use feta cheese & spinach if on hand …..

  3. What a beautiful site…great recipe…great photos…you have really got to stop hiding your light
    under a basket or, whatever people hide their light under!

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