A Special Kind Of Jerk: “The Viking’s Famous Beef Jerky”

making beef jerky

This is our favorite time of year when a lot of London Broils go on Buy One Get One Free and it’s about this time my husband “The Viking in my Life” gets inspired to make beef jerky!  We all hope that it will last until the holidays for Christmas gifts but it never does! LOL!  My husband slowly slices each piece to perfection with one of his prized possessions his meat slicer and then he uses his special blend of seasonings and spices which most of you luckily enough will have in your pantry too.

meat cut up with the meat cutter

I have brought samples into work and people have ooohed and aaaahed over this jerky and asked me for the recipe but I dont’ think it’s the actual recipe that makes it.  It’s the tried and trued method of him knowing when it’s ready so it’s tasty and still has some moisture and chewiness too!

london broil sliced up and marinated

 Main Ingredient

5 lbs. of London Broil

The Special Blend of Seasonings & Spices

Worcestershire sauce

onion powder

garlic powder

montreal steak seasoning or you can make your own (this is a fave of Rachael Ray’s too so we are on to something)


Just coat evenly all over and set in a 13″  X 9″ pyrex pan in the refrigerator or you could use tupperware too but seal in with plastic wrap or some type of wrap.

He usually marinates this meat for about 24 to 48 hours but once it’s been well marinated it goes into the food dehydrator for anywhere from 6 to 24 hours depends on the humidity in the house and the texture of the meat and how thick you cut each slice.

You do have to take the jerky out of the dehdrator before it is completely dried because in order to prevent bacteria from growing you have to flash bake it at 175 degrees for an hour.  So if your jerky is already too dry this can just make it really crispy and less enjoyable and lets face it we all know how expensive jerky is getting in the grocery store these days.  Having the perfect chewy texture is optimal and will create a higher value jerky .

I love to have jerky on hand for yummy low carb snack and for traveling you can’t beat it for protein and I love to pair up a piece of jerky with a nice apple or pear.  You also know that dehydrated food is the ultimate prepper food and will last for many months to come so it is always good to have some jerky on hand.

Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “A Special Kind Of Jerk: “The Viking’s Famous Beef Jerky”

    1. Jessa jerky should be consumed within about a week if it’s just stored in a zip lock bag but at our house it never lasts that long lol…..but if you vacuum seal it well it can last 1 to 2 months. I hope that helps! We do vacuum seal ours if we are making a bunch and we use it for road trips…oh YUM!

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