Decorate Your Life With Ornaments

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Completed Christmas Ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments and this year I decided to try my hand at making a few.  I was intrigued by some ornaments I found on Pinterest that involved using alcohol inks.  They seemed simple enough and after visiting some blogs and some you tube videos I seemed to have found my groove.

First you need to remove the silver cap in each globe and then clean each globe with glass cleaner it helps the alcohol inks to work better I think…..

Clear Ornaments

Alcohol Inks

The rubber stamp was out because one of the sites I went to recommended gluing some felt to a stamp to apply the inks but I think the foam paint brush worked amazingly well so I stuck with that.

Me Painting The Ornament

Once you have cleaned it and removed the cap your ornament is ready to paint!

What I needed?

Clear ornaments purchased at a local craft store

alcohol inks (are not cheap) they last a long time though (but try to find a coupon)

ribbon (I purchased a huge spool at a local shopping warehouse club)

I had rubber gloves and glass cleaner and paper towels on hand.

Painting An Ornament With a Foam Paint Brush

I swirled the ink all around and you can make a design just that way with swirling but I wanted to go for a solid retro kind of look

ornaments waiting for caps to be put back on

I also made a different style of ornament this season for an online ornament exchange I was involved in and these looked a little different I did the gold very lightly with the alcohol ink on the ornament and then I placed the gold/copper tinsel inside and these turned out looking like this!  I thought these had kind of a vintage feel to them…..

gold and copper ornaments

Maybe you will try your hand at making ornaments if you haven’t in the past.  I had never worked with the clear glass globes and really enjoyed it!

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4 thoughts on “Decorate Your Life With Ornaments

  1. Thanks for my ornament that you made for me! It is Bee-utiful! These would be great to make now while all the stuff is on sale and then you would have your gifts made before next Christmas!
    Thanks for linking up with the “Made From Scratch Blog Hop”! Always love your ideas!


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