Burlap & Memories: Rustic Christmas Tree

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Burlap & Memories Our Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree at our house brings back so many memories as I unwrap each ornament and hang it on the tree.  This year my 16-year-old son helped me decorate for a little while and I am so pleased I don’t dare move one ornament he placed on the tree it is a gift when your child still wants to participate in family traditions.  He is tall so he helps me place ornaments that are higher up on the tree.

Each ornament on our tree has such an important meaning to me!  At one point when we were on a shoestring budget we decorated our tree with sea shells, ribbons, and candy canes.  My daughter was so involved in making it sparkle and shine and turn out beautiful!  My son always wanted to help the cause too when our kids were growing up the tree was the main event during the holidays that and our church service and of course Christmas morning!  One year we actually lived quite close to the ocean as we do now and we decorated the tree with curling ribbon, decorations on cookie boxes, bells from the craft store and sea shells.  It turned out to be an amazing tree!

This first ornament I am going to share was given out by the funeral home that handled my Step Dad’s funeral service the first Christmas after he passed away.  This is one of my favorite ornaments it reminds me that he is still with us in our heart at every Christmas!

one of my favorite ornamentsThis next ornament was passed down to me from my Mom it is her Grandma Stella’s vintage homemade ornament and they are just beautiful.  They are both different colors one is blue and one is pink and my Mom knew how much I loved them so she gave them to me for my tree!  They have a special sentimental place in my  heart 🙂

vintage ornamentThis next one I made last Christmas at a Pinterest party at my friend Lisa’s house and our other friend Paula brought her cricket and made monogrammed initials for all of us.  This is my son’s ornament that I made him.

monagrammed ornamentI used to love doing Christmas ornament exchanges I don’t do very many any more just because of time commitments etc….but this is one of my favorite ornaments I received during my Christmas ornament exchanges…it’s just lovely.

christmas ornament exchangeThis turkey is representative of the men in our household and their love for hunting and I used to hide it in the back of the tree but it has grown on me through the years……..

turkey on the treeMy Mother In Law saved lots of ornaments for my husband so when we got married she sent them over for us to continue to put on the tree.  Here is one of my favorites and that is the wooden Pinocchio he is just so old-fashioned and it works and will jump around etc….pretty cool after all of these years!

Pinocchio ornamentLast but not least is the very 1st ornament my husband and I purchased for our very first tree!  It wasn’t fancy we just picked it up at a 5 and dime store however every cent I spent was a big deal then and I have kept it for 24 years!

This year instead of garland or tinsel I adorned our tree with burplap I have to tell you all burlap is one of my favorite versatile materials to work with.  I simply cut the burlap into strips off of the roll and it was very easy to shape and manipulate on the tree.  I love the rustic look of the tree this year and I also haven’t shared we purchased a slimmer model tree this year because our other tree just took up too much room in our living room and I am really pleased with how this tree turned out!

I am also happy to share some one of my fellow homestead blogging friend’s post on their family going into the forest and procuring an old-fashioned Christmas Tree!  It is a beautiful post and sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

Last but not least is a beautiful post by my friend JO at Homestead Chronicles who has shared some beautiful decorating ideas and let me tell you when I say go check them out you must!  She has found some great ideas! Here is the post Artsy Craftsy Holiday Decorating Ideas!

And since you know ornaments and holiday decorating are near and dear to my heart please share with me all of your wonderful ideas!

Here’s to wishing all of you a beautiful holiday season!


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19 thoughts on “Burlap & Memories: Rustic Christmas Tree

    1. Thanks Patrick! The living room is super cozy and filled with a rustic holiday spirit! So glad you stopped in!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! I so appreciate you stopping in for a visit! 🙂 I haven’t checked out your blog before but I definitely will now!

  1. I never would have thought to use burlap as garland but it adds so much character! It is truly rustic and just my taste. I LOVE it! Just beautiful! Thank you for Sharing! And Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Jo! This is the first time I have used burlap in the past I just didn’t use any garland or tinsel but would use bows! Thanks so much for your kind words and I am so glad you stopped in! Merry Christmas to you! Your post was chock full of great holiday decor ideas and I hope my readers will go check it out!

    1. Winnie thanks so much that means so much and I really did put a lot of my heart in that post. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful tree! My 3 year old grandson and i decorated ours today. What fun it was!! I can’t wait until he makes some ornaments for my tree….

    1. Barbara those are the best memories! I am sure you had a wonderful time decorating the tree with him with all his wonder at the season!

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