The Garden…A place For Solace, Surprises & Friends

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Today I had the great opportunity to visit several other gardens and greenhouses in my area and I brought my camera.  I love to zero in through the camera lens and really make other things less important in that one instant, that one breath…. go out of focus.

The other day our Greenhouse tour coordinator stopped by our house and I was caught off guard because I wasn’t ready and our gardens were not done and I told him we were still behind on things and he said to me, “A garden is a work in progress, it’s never done.”  So today we saw all sorts of different kinds of gardens as different as the people who work in them and dream them up, they all gave me great ideas and inspired me to envision our garden as a place for solace, a place for surprises and a place for friends!

Here is a picture of one of the greenhouses we toured today!

Two things I want to add to our garden after this tour is I definitely want a pond out front in our catch-all island and I want to add more raised beds.  Here are some pictures of some of the raised bed gardens we saw today.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the water features we saw today!

We had some artistic folks on this greenhouse tour I was amazed at all of the clever ways they showcased their talents!

We even stopped at a local Italian deli for lunch and it was wonderful….good food and good conversation.  I hope you enjoyed taking a virtual tour of our greenhouse garden tour today!

Thanks for stopping by on the rainy gloomy Sunday in Coastal North Carolina but our gardens sure are happy!


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14 thoughts on “The Garden…A place For Solace, Surprises & Friends

  1. Oh, yay. More pictures. I love seeing what others come up with. I was so bummed about ours getting flooded from all the rain yesterday and today. Everything is fine, really, but when I pull everything out in a few weeks a real floor is going in. I think I’m going to use gravel with a wood walkway in the middle. Ours is so tiny, we don’t need much…

  2. I really want to add a pond as well!!! you will have to let us know how you do yours!
    What a great way to spend a Sunday looking at other gardens and greenhouses – very envious as we watched the snow flurries fly in ohio! lol

    Jim and Mary

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