Celebrate The Flowers In Your Life

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Celebrate The Flowers In Your Life

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a beautiful Sunday in September and I am drinking a great cup of coffee and reflecting on what a fabulous month it’s been so far and well today my mind is on flowers.  It’s interesting to me how flowers can be handed over from one home owner to the next so when we purchased our current home in 2006 I was so grateful to inherit an abundance of flowers from the previous home owner and so I arrived to an abundance of Lantana and gorgeous tiny pink roses.

Flowers have power to convey messages of love, solace, and even friendship;  traditionally we see them sent to family as a gesture of comfort at funerals, people adorn themselves along with tables and reception halls at weddings, houses of worship place them at the altar or in a special place of importance. Flowers are visually appealing and they are fragrant and they seem to awaken our senses and since I was a girl I loved picking dandelions and create a small bouquet to bring to my Mother, Grandmothers, or favorite teacher to symbolize my love or regard for them.

flowers at lil' suburban homesteadOf course over time we added our irises from our historic home in Central North Carolina and we slowly added other beautiful flowers.  This past May my son planted me a gorgeous knock out rose and dragon’s breath for Mothers Day and I loved that he “planted” them for me rather than hand them to me in a vase but that’s just me because I like to know I can have flowers for the future and make more flowers from them when I can.  I am just so grateful and appreciate of their beauty.

My son and I planted this rose bush when we first moved into our suburban homestead.
My son and I planted this rose bush when we first moved into our suburban homestead.

My friend Katherine has reminded me as she focused her entire garden for the most part this year around flowers in particular zinnia’s but she also added some other flowers and cotton too. I asked her once…”Why cotton?” and she responded back quickly…”Because I can…” well if it’s reason another for Katherine I suppose it’s reason enough for all of us.

Here are two photo’s Of Kathryn’s flowers she cut and gave me from her garden:

The first photo is a photo on our Instagram feed with our kitty cat Kisa…..don’t you love it? I hope you are connected with us on Instagram I follow back!


Curious Cat! #cat #catsofinstagram #furbaby #kittensofinstagram #kittycat #flowers

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This one is some flowers Katherine gave me this summer. They graced our coffee table in the living room…aren’t they just gorgeous? She has truly inspired me to make sure we plant more flowers next year and to keep mixing things up in the garden. I tend to go with the same ole’ same ole’ but having flowers to cut and share with friends is fun too!

Zinnia's from my friend Katherine gracing my coffee table.

The truth is not all flowers are edible but many of them are and I do love it when they are visually appealing and edible but if they are not  they sure do make my soul happy.  This is my ode to the flowers in my life and how we should all celebrate them!  I am definitely going to make it a point to plant zinnias, cleomes, who knows I would love to add more ground cover flowers.  I definitely want to keep our garden interesting and I know our bees will be happy with our new additions to the garden and we love keeping our bees happy on our homestead!

I wish you a beautiful week….until next time!


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6 thoughts on “Celebrate The Flowers In Your Life

  1. Love getting flowers that still have roots attached so I can plant them and enjoy longer!! Flowers are truly food for the soul!! I have day lilies, shasta daisies, forget-me-nots, sedums, and a huge clump of black-eyed-susans!! If we every move I’m digging up my ‘babies’ to come with us!!

  2. I have a lot of perennials, but the bed of yellow marigolds has been blooming since Spring, and is still blooming. All that enjoyment is from a $2.00 six pack. The Jasmine on my fence, and the Knockout roses are still blooming. I’ll probably have color til November.

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