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cilantro, flowers
The Cilantro is flowering and we leave it be for the bees and use the flowers in our salads. They are delicious!

I am under a spell….it is the spell of my garden in summertime.  I walk outside and their is beautiful home grown food and beauty in abundance in my backyard and it just brings me joy!  I want to share with all of you a journey through my garden in the summer!

sweet peppers
We have peppers just about year round here and I cook them up in everything!
grapes, vine
Our grapes are almost ready to harvest!
These are the sweetest beets you have ever tasted!
Our cucumbers enjoying the shade of the trellis the Viking built.
bee balm
Bee balm we planted for our bees! We just want them to feel right at home!
globe artichokes
Beautiful and yummy globe artichokes- one is almost ready!
red sails lettuce
Look at all of our beautiful Red Sails lettuce and even though it has bolted it is not bitter at all. We have a salad just about every night!
My first red tomatoes of the season that are not cherry tomatoes!
I have so enjoyed eating fresh blackberries in the garden this year!
We have lots of tomatillos!
tromoncino squash, summer squash
Our Tromboncino Squash – we have already canned one through a fermented process this year!
More delicious peppers ready to harvest!
Tarragon flowers
Just had to snap this picture of beautiful Tarragon flowers from my herb garden.
Our fountain for the bees!
Our beautiful figs are starting to mature.
our dog River
Our dog River loves laying on the deck in the sun while I work in the garden.

Wish I could show you the entire garden and all of our happenings but I already loaded up a lot of pictures on this post.  Hope you enjoyed it!



22 thoughts on “Talk About Garden Spells

  1. OH, I just loved seeing all the goodies in your garden. Those blackberries…they’re a favorite in our house. Your dog is just too cute, too. Thanks for including a photo 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  2. I am SO jealous!! I just planted my garden. The first night my tomatoes were in it frosted, thankfully only lightly. You are showing me what mine should be like in August, cannot wait.
    I planted tomatillos this year, have not planted them before. Mt grandmother used to plant them all the time. What do you do with them? I am not even sure how they are to be prepared, I just wanted to try them. My blackberries are starting to get blossoms, I am hoping for a nice crop this year.. Did you ever find your walking onion seed?
    I love your fountain.

    1. Carol the only onion seeds I was able to find was the bunching onion seeds. But they are beautiful! But they are not walking! Sounds like your garden is coming around soon 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comments. I make salsa verde with my tomatillos it has a lovely smokey flavor and it is fat free! I pour it over chicken burritos! YUM!

  3. Your garden looks like my father in laws garden. I will make sure to take pictures for you. Our fig tree has just started to put leaves on it so it may be a while before we see fruit. I wish we had a bigger yard so we could grow more. Your beets look amazing and we did want to plant them this year but had no room. My father in law told me I can cut the greens from my radish, boil it and fry it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Have you ever eaten the radish greens? Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Mr. CBB you are going to put me to shame but I have been kind of afraid of eating my radish and beet greens both of which are edible because I am not a huge collards fan….that being said I have no more radish greens until the fall because its too hot but I make a solemn promise to cook up some of my beet greens and give you a full report! I would love to see the pics of your Father In Laws garden 🙂 We are on 1/3 of an acre not large…. I only planted just a little beet patch but I never take this land for granted I am very grateful that we are able to pay the mortgage and live here. Maybe you and a neighbor could share space….a fellow kindred spirit?……Thanks for stopping by!

      1. My father in law says they radish tops are delicious but if you don’t like collards then you might not enjoy them. I will definitely take pictures next time I am at his house. My neighbours plot is the same size. One day we will move and have land I can promise you that! Cheers Mr.CBB

      2. Beet greens are a lot like spinach. Very tasty fried in a bit of butter, with grated parmesan over top. I also can up extras(in a pressure canner) for the winter…they can be frozen easily too, and use them in any recipe that I would use frozen spinach. Especially good in a lasagna. In my garden, the only thing that doesn’t get used from beets is the tough stem. 🙂 Radish greens can be used to make soup, or pesto. I quite like them in pesto(instead of basil), because they give a bit of a spicy edge to them.

  4. I’m in the same boat as Carol…my garden has only been in for 3 weeks or so, and we’ve unseasonal frosts. *shrug* What can you do?
    I am jealous of your grapes! I wish I could grow them here…well, I’m in zone 2a, so there are varieties I can grow, but, my dog is a nibbler who loves fruit. Since grapes are poisonous to dogs, they are out. 🙁

    1. Wolfsong thank goodness my dog has not ever thought once about eating them…whew….one worry of of my list! It sounds like when my garden will be fried up soon and I will only be able to grow peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant many of your gardens will be flourishing! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Ahhhh I know that spell 🙂 Everything is looking awesome in your garden. Getting very hot here today, cut lettuce in hopes to keep it from flying up.

    1. I am sure it will the thing I love about gardening (sorry I’m a year late ha ha LOL) is that all you need is soil, water and seeds and low maintenance plants will thrive it just happens!

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