Sep 21

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Last Glimpses Of The Summer Harvest

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I love the cool evening air right now and while I miss the kiss of the hot summer sun licking my limbs as I work in the garden something stirs within me to embrace the chilled air that was hanging on the breeze tonight.

We Had One Of Those Magical End Of Summer Evenings Tonight

Didn’t know I could wax poetic did you?  I sure can.  I love writing and the gift of words and ability that we have been given to share our innermost thoughts and connect with others.

I will miss summer but for me the days were not full of lazy happenings they were Go, Go, Go……so as much as I love my garden I will enjoy wrapping up in the couch with a blanket and reading a good book or typing up a fun blog post while the warmth from the wood stove warms me up.

Our sweet peppers are loving these cooler nights and we are getting a beautiful harvest right now so I had to share it with all of you!    These peppers are my Gypsy Hybrid Peppers that we actually got from Burpee seed Company.  We have had such great results from these peppers that I struggle to look at other varieties for the most part.  We had such a mild winter this past year that we even had another hybrid pepper plant start from last years root stock….Impressive!  Peppers are not inexpensive at the store so whatever we don’t eat fresh we chop and dice them and freeze them.  I actually slice some up fajita style and the rest are just diced fairly fine.  I love to toss them in soups and stews and I often dry some too if I get a bumper crop.  Here is my blog post:   Dehydrating for the pantry – an ancient method of food preservation for more about dehydrating your food for long-term storage!

Today marks the last day of summer…..our summer was busy, but I will miss the few days I relaxed at the beach or the laughs with family when they visited.  Fall ushers in a more hectic kind of busy”ness” but it’s cooler and dryer and this may be the first fall I have wished for in a while after the very wet humid hot and Mosquito filled summer we had this past year but like my husband say’s “Never Complain About Rain”, so I never will.   However I am looking forward to our first fall day in a few minutes eagerly.

Have a wonderful weekend!



PS – I am still working up my post I mentioned in my last post!

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  1. Katherine Kelley

    I still have a drawer FULL of peppers that I need to do something with. And I’m sure I need to get out there and pick some more. I am bad about ignoring the plants Monday through Friday right now.

    1. KarenLynn

      Katherine it is tough. I made myself go out there tonight so I could keep having peppers to eat I love them and I have not been spendy lately…..Hope you feel better.

  2. Organized Living Essentials

    I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and so envy your garden! This post had such beautiful photographs. I had never thought of saying good-bye to summer. I seem to always be saying hello to the upcoming season instead. Regards, Thea

  3. Heidi @ lightlycrunchy

    I do the same thing with my peppers – cutting some in strips and chopping others for the freezer. It makes the garden so worth all of the extra work when you can eat from it all winter and continue to save money (and know where your food came from).

  4. Mary@Back to the Basics!

    SALSA is a great way to use up the last of the peppers ad tomatoes!

    1. KarenLynn

      I love salsa! I agree Mary the bummer was I had very few tomatoes. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Debbie

    Beatiful words… and peppers! I too am embracing the idea of wrapping myself in the warmth shades of autumn and the cool nights too! it’s a great feeling!

    1. KarenLynn

      Thank you Debbie! When I went out this eve to collect our eggs there was a slight coolness to the air which was heavenly indeed!

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