Organize Your Paints…..Learn From Our Mistakes!

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This last week my husband and I decided it was time to freshen up our home and we decided to start with touching up all the paint in our house so whether you were getting a new color such as in our kitchen or hall bath or we were going to refresh our old colors we were going to get this job done in a jiffy.  Well we were in for a rude awakening to find out many of our paint cans the labels had faded from the store or were missing and in some cases it was not easy to figure out which color was which in the lighting.  We had several shades of pale green.  Well we did finally figure it out and we had to get more of some paints and they had to match up.  We even matched up the front porch paint which is in fact not white but a pale grey that I am not fond of but matching up is a lot more inexpensive than always redoing because if we changed the front porch railings then we would have to change the soffit underneath.

Anyways matching up the paint was kind of a bear so I was very excited to find out that Lowes Home Improvement has a card “My Lowes” that you can now track everything you buy and you can go in on their site and organize your rooms by paint colors and you don’t have to worry about remembering your paint colors because you can do it all online but I still bought a sharpie and I’m still marking the cans 😉  I think this tool could save a lot of money and time in the future.  Both are valuable!

Getting that much paint for your house is not inexpensive.  We bought more master bedroom paint, more hallway and bathroom paint, we had to get paint to re-do the decks, we also had to get a new color for our kitchen and white trim paint.  We spent about $133.00 and we also painted the bi-fold doors in our new home office which by the way the bi-fold doors were a dumpster dive so we actually saved about $133.00 so essentially the project was a wash but we still felt it in our wallet.

This is our fall of sprucing up the place, cleaning up, some decorating, tidying up, and repairing and while the weather is beautiful we plan to do just that!

Hope you are having a great week thus far!  Oh and by the way the announcement about the winner of who won the e-book giveaway “Lessons From The Beehive” will be posted next Wednesday so come on back for that!


5 thoughts on “Organize Your Paints…..Learn From Our Mistakes!

  1. I think we take for granted that we will know what is what and over time labels do fade. The doors look lovely. I painted all the doors in our house this summer and it was a big task and don’t want to do it again any times soon. Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. I was thrilled with how the doors turned out! I know we are getting more organized with our paint! They started out an old dingy green. Thanks for stopping by!

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