The Total Cheap $50 Budget Bathroom Quick Fix – Before

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damage to our ceiling and fan is dirty
We had damage to our ceiling & we needed to clean the exhaust fan.

Yes I am really being brave and doing the before without After pictures!  Our hall bathroom was just looking hideous!  I could not take it anymore but I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money into it since we are not ready to do our real bathroom re-do which eventually we are going to do.  Haven’t you ever had that happen you need to temporarily stave off your irritation and then when it’s time we will tile the floor and put a tile shower in and put wainscoating on the walls.  Keyword:  Eventually!

You can see how badly the paint looks around the light switch! In sore need of scrubbing or painting. This has been a bathroom for two teens for 6 years at the time of the quick fix.

I had to do something to keep my sanity.  So I had leftover wall paint from doing the hallways and I decided to paint the bathroom “River Reed”  a very light pale mint green as well.  So I had to spackle the walls and  I had to do the sanding;  my husband cannot stand painting so as our marriage has evolved and the years have passed I have done more of these type of projects because he is better at just about everything than I am.  He will come behind me and fix or improve my work depending and I am not embarrassed to admit that this is true.  He is the one that is good with carpentry, mechanical, just to name a few, etc….I am the one that blogs and takes pictures however my skills at painting and spackling are getting better and better.

The paint needed to be touched up around the hvac vent and the vent needed painting too.

Now before you judge us too harshly know that I was working full-time, in school part-time, then I battled  cancer, was dealt thousands of dollars in medical bills, had other major family illness at the time and we were raising our kids, still tried to raise vegetables, and tay involved in our clubs etc…and we inherited the house with quite a few issues we bought during a sellers market and as they say timing is everything.
But last summer I realized I had to tidy, and clean up our lil’ brick rancher so that I would feel better about being at home it’s not like we entertain all that often we are too busy!  I knew we would have to do this all on a tight budget and we did it and no it’s not perfect but it’s a lot better!  Don’t give up if you need to spruce something up but don’t have a huge budget 🙂

The vanity needs painting as well. No replacing it at this point in time and the floor has permanent mascara and eye make up on the floor from when my daughter was in school to become a make up artist also if you look at the edge of the linoleum you can see where the floors in the hallway were concrete stained and you can see some spatters.

So we set out a plan to paint the walls, paint the trim, get new towel bars, a new shower curtain, and new bath mats, and we painted the cabinets too all for under $50.00.

Stay tuned for pictures of the implementation of our plan and the outcome!

Thank you so much for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!  Stay tuned for the After post coming soon you won’t believe the difference that some elbow grease and a paint will make!


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6 thoughts on “The Total Cheap $50 Budget Bathroom Quick Fix – Before

  1. Good for you and yes sometimes a quick fix is needed until the actual project takes place, trust me I’ve done it in our upper full bath shower. I look forward to your posts and renos and there’s no way I’d let my wife paint.. it would be a right disaster and she agrees!

    1. Well once upon a time my husband the Viking would have had the same thing I have showed complete growth over the past 20 years….I swear I wish he would do a blog post just to share about my disasters in the early years…ha ha LOL 🙂

    1. It will be coming out probably next Monday or Tuesday! I told my husband I was brave to put the before pics up before the after but it is proof you can get it to a point you can live with it until the big redo! 🙂 So glad you stopped in!

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