Herb Of The Week: Rosemary For Remembrance

“There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance;

Pray you love, remember.”

Hamlet – William Shakespeare

I absolutely love the smell of rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) not only is it a savory herb that pairs perfectly with steaks, roasts, and lambs.  It is also a scent that awakens your senses and recalls fond memories.  It’s hardy and evergreen and here in Coastal North Carolina it often thrives all year-long.

Honestly to some it may be strong but I have been known to rub it on my wrists and behind my neck before heading out in the evening as the smell to me is so comforting and it just brings me joy!  Although rosemary sprigs are often carried at country funerals or woven into wreaths.  I definitely think rosemary would definitely make a splendid addition to any wreath for your fall decor or any other occasion for that matter.

Rosemary is the perfect addition to any culinary garden….the nice thing about rosemary is it’s versatility and universal appeal you can toss it in some bread dough to make a more flavorful bread pairing with dinner and I also like it with pork as well.

This is a great time of year to step out in this weather that is starting to get brisk in coastal North Carolina and wander about your garden and don’t forget to snip a sprig of rosemary. Also when we are cooking at home and saving money herbs are a great way for us to really ramp up a hum drum meal and have it be just as good if not better than a restaurant meal I find when using herbs in my cooking it ultimately finds me more satisfied with the finished recipe.

I also want to add that I am so sad and send my thoughts and prayers for all those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.


5 thoughts on “Herb Of The Week: Rosemary For Remembrance

  1. Rosemary is an excellent herb and we love to use it on roasted potatoes as well. It’s super easy to grow and keep and an added pleasure to any garden. Great post Karen… thinking of all those affected by the storm… it’s been rough. Mr.CBB

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