Who Doesn’t Like Free?

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Vintage/Antique Jugs That We have Used To

Decorate Our Porch In Rustic Fashion

vintage, antique, jugs This is becoming one of our favorite features because it’s always amazing to us all of the items and I mean really good items that people discard in the dumpster. So many of these items would be better used donated to local thrift shops and charities which is what we do if we cannot find a use for the items. Obviously we can’t keep everything but when we have a use for the items we do!   Here are some of our latest freebies!

The next item is a laundry basket in mint condition.  

Perfect to use on Wash Day!

The next item is a rain suit.  My husband “The Viking” in my life

has been looking for one for when he has to work

on projects out in the rain.   Great savings!

rain suit, reflectiveThe last item is my very favorite find and it graced our Thanksgiving Table a beautiful fall  tablecloth.  Not one stain, rip or tear….It’s just lovely!  You know how I feel about making your homestead your hobby!

tablecloth, fall, thanksgiving

In this economy many folks have had to learn to be frugal and resourceful and even with all of our efforts my husband and I still struggle at times.  For us it has not been a transition or a change in the fact that we have always been frugal but we have taken it to new levels. However I do know our frugality and resourcefulness is probably why our children have gotten to go on some fabulous vacations and why we all can can carry smart phones and watch cable which I have already told you are some of my luxury addictions I am not ready to give up just yet.  Although I have gone five years without a pay raise if this continues we may have to start saying goodbye to some of them.  The good news is by finding the freebies, making homemade laundry soap, eating mostly at home you can offset many expenses.  The bad news is utility bills are on the rise and so is gas.  We need to save money where we can.

Hope you enjoyed our latest freebies and remember a good “Dumpster Diver” never reveals their sources!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


15 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like Free?

  1. Amazing what you can find when you look. I agree that many people toss items out. Just this morning I saw a beautiful solid wood kids bed with drawers underneath.. not a scratch or problem with it. It’s snowing now but I really hope someone in need picks it up,it’s perfect. Great post, the plant stand is pretty cool! Mr.CBB

  2. Karen you are the GODDESS of the Dumpster Dive!! These are incredible scores! I’m all for free…but you must be hitting up some pretty upscale neighborhoods, no? (I know you won’t reveal all 😉 ) Here in the Catskills most dumpsters contain trash, real honest to goodness trash, I’ve looked ;O

    1. Anna my husband really finds the best items and I get to join him sometimes but since I’m in school all day he has a lot more opportunities. He also won’t hesitate but surprisingly some of our better areas is not actually all that upscale but it is an area that moves a lot of traffic through. Glad you are enjoying our dumpster diving series!

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