I’m a Proud Frugalite Are You?

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An example of a trash to treasure project….The Viking turns a dumpster dived bed canopy into the structure for our chicken yurt!

Are you a proud Frugalite?

Words are powerful!  Perception is half the battle……

Are you trying to keep up with the neighbors?

Can you look at a piece of trash and think Oh wow I can use this for that?

Do you see others throw things out that you think I can so use that!

Are you inspired by things that others think are hokey?

I love reusing and repurposing its better for our planet and its better for all of us.

I used to love Amy Dacyzn’s book The Tightwad Gazette she was not concerned with appearances and she certainly laughed all the way to the bank if others mocked her what did she care.  I loved how she made everything a competition.

My husband The Viking and myself one  year had a competition on how long we could go without running the Air Conditioning….we made it to June 20th for some of you that is nothing but for the humidity here it was great although all of our cereals struggled to stay fresh and crisp even in plastic ware.  We did save a bunch on our electricity bill!

It is important to set goals and to make reaching financial goals currently as I sell items that we have found either via dumpster diving or that we already have to go into our vacation fund for this summer!  The little things add up trust me!

So what trash to treasure project have you done lately?  Do you always have to go out and buy that latest new item or can you make do?




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7 thoughts on “I’m a Proud Frugalite Are You?

  1. Very proud! We’ve done that as well to see how long we can go without turning the A/C on and I’ve come up with different ways to cool the house down overnight so it stays cool during the day. Smart if you ask me!!I think it’s great if you can make cash from what you find, why not right? Cheers karen!

  2. OMG, Karen, that is so funny. Often I go to take the trash out and when I see what sits in those dumpsters I always think: “gosh, I could use it for this or that” … if we didn’t live in such a close community where all the neighbours see you taking your trash out I would definitely dumpster-dive many, many time! 🙂

    I actually rescued a few items lately but they were standing next to the dumpsters 😉

    1. Ewa that is too funny! There is so much great stuff out there! We have done so many diy projects with stuff we have found but just about every weekend I am taking stuff to places for donations.

      1. I know what you mean. I recently started some sewing projects and all I use are old clothes, curtains or any other scraps I had gathered over the years.
        And Finally yesterday I cleaned out my closet and packed a huge box with clothes for Goodwill. I always “fight” my husband who wants to go and buy new things even if we have something that would be perfectly fine to use for the purpose.
        Sometimes I think it’s a cultural thing.

        1. Ewa my husband is GREAT at finding stuff but I remind him we can share the wealth 🙂 ha ha LOL!

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