Buffalo Chicken Dip For Any Event

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smoked chicken roaster I know I know I’m a little late on this recipe but you can tuck it away for the next Super Bowl because trust me it’s right around the corner…

Here is my recipe for my crowd pleasing version of Chicken Buffalo Dip and I am proud to say it is a Buffalo dip that is appealing to more age groups as it doesn’t burn your mouth to pieces!

If you love super easy recipes then this one is a keeper!  The best part is you can dip right into the crock pot  to eat it if no one is looking and it’s a family fave! 😉

buffalo chicken dip dip your chip right into the crockpot

But before I go further I cannot skim over the fact that my husband “The Viking In My Life” fussed over this bird and smoked it and prepared it to perfection and Oh boy did he do a wonderful job!  Then I took over and did the EASY part and put it in the crock pot and dumped the rest of the ingredients in the slow cooker!  Yes I liked my part of the job!

Our Super Yummy Buffalo Chicken Dip

What You Will Need:

1 roaster chicken ( a smoker is optional but I think it makes it better)

1 large bottle of Texas Pete mild wing sauce

1 Bag of shredded reduced fat mexican cheese

4 to 5 oz. of salsa I use my homemade

2 bars of lite cream cheese or neufachel I use the neufachel

a crock pot

How to get it done:

  • Smoke roaster chicken for 4 to 5 hours but don’t cook it all the way through
  • Then pull the chicken off the bone it will be a little pink that’s okay
  • Put all meat in the crock pot with the cream cheese, the wing sauce, and the salsa and cook for 2 to 3 hours on high
  • Then add 1/2 bag of the reduced fat shredded mexican cheese
  • Right before you serve sprinkle the other half bag of cheese on top
  • Serves a bunch of people
  • I usually serve with tortilla chips

Oh and enjoy the compliments that keep coming in!


Have a great Monday everyone! And by the way if I have not said so lately I so love and appreciate all of your comments and many of you have said encouraging words about the new blog look!  I so am inspired because of all of you!  Thanks for all the pingbacks lately too you guys have so made my day!



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