A Quick Way To Save Money – Double Check Your Hotel Reservation

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a pic of me and the Viking last summer on vacay
A picture of my husband and myself last summer visiting Mingo Falls in the Cherokee, NC area

This is the time of year when many of us are travelling all over the country and for some of you all over the world!  I will be honest and say we are not the most seasoned travelers and we tend to be homebodies overall but do we have destinations we enjoy going to every year!  One of the areas we love visiting is the mountains of North Carolina  and I have to say there is just something refreshing about the cool mountain air after the heat and humidity we deal with in Coastal North Carolina.  I am going to include in this blog post some of our photographs from our trip to the mountains last summer in reviewing them it sure does make me ready to head up to the mountains again 🙂

a picture of mingo falls, cherokee, nc
A snapshot of Mingo Falls

Recently after I made reservations for our family to travel this summer I thought I should go back and double-check the reservation.  Mostly I did this to feel good about myself and to see how much I saved by booking early but in fact what I found out totally and utterly surprised me because what I found out was that my original reservation I had made back in January was $112 (that’s a lot of cha-ching)  more than what the room was going for currently so of course I re-booked the room and cancelled the original reservation.

a picture of my son trout fishing in cherokee, nc
A picture of my son trout fishing in Cherokee, NC

I am not super savvy about hotel traveling because for the last couple of years we have mostly camped or stayed in camping cabins but I learned a valuable lesson and while I am pleased with the mid-range hotel we selected due to price, location, and amenities I am not object to continuing to shop around although this one in particular did get a good review in Trip Advisor.  I strongly recommend for anyone who plans on taking a trip to use Trip Advisor you will be glad you did because others just like you are sharing their honest experiences and while it is not always 100% accurate as it is subject to people’s opinions it is a very valuable resource.

a picture of one of the goats in the campground where we stayed
A resident goat at a campground where we stayed!

So if you are heading out this summer whether it be for family time or just to explore and be adventurous make sure to double-check or even triple-check your rate and shop around as much as you can!

Enjoy your adventures this summer whether they be close to home or far away it’s the journey that counts so glad you are on the journey with us!




8 thoughts on “A Quick Way To Save Money – Double Check Your Hotel Reservation

  1. Thanks for sharing some great photos. Now that I am in Canada I don’t get to travel as extensively as I did when I was in the UK. I’ve been to so many places I hope that one day I can take my wife to explore with me. Some good advice to read over any receipts we get. I’ve caught errors on more than one occasion. Have a great weekend my friend.

    1. Mr. CBB that is great advise I just noticed one the other day I had a 6.00 check total with tip that became a 9.00 check and I called the restaurant and told them I left a 2.00 tip and it became a 5.00 tip. The restaurant sent me a 10.00 gift card to compensate and they apologized so I made 5.00 off of paying attention to my receipt 🙂 I bet where you live in Canada though is beautiful especially this time of year isn’t it?

      1. That’s nice that they compensated you like that. It is very beautiful although we haven’t been on a trip in almost 7 years since my move here. Life has passed us by with work and the house and now the blog. I hope we can do something special as I lean more towards a schedule here and on FB. 🙂

        1. I understand very well how much time work and a blog can take which is why I backed down my number of blog posts this past Spring. Well you and The Mrs.will probably be debt free and be vacationing all year long while the rest of us are still working 😉

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