“New To You” Gardening Book Giveaway!

Rain in Spring is as precious as oil. – Chinese Proverb

Some of my favorite books!

As you all know we are celebrating our 3rd Birthday all month-long and every Friday this month we are having a giveaway so that you can be part of the celebration!

All three of these gardening books are near and dear to my heart I actually read the Simple Pleasures Garden book all year-long and it inspired me to do garden projects with my children when they were younger so I chose titles that would really inspire others as well.

I have favorites about each of these books and I assure you they come from a home that loved them dearly 🙂

Container Gardening Through the Year by Malcom Hillier
This book will actually help you to know how to plant and arrange beautiful arrangements in containers and also has quite a bit of seasonal information as well.

Simple Pleasures Garden by Susannah Seton
I loved all the quotes and simple projects in this book it continued to inspire me all year!

The Potted Herb by Abbie Zabar

This book made me think of topiaries in a whole new way and also has some wonderful recipes and a wealth of information about herbs.

I am an avid book reader although I tend to read more books in the summer than in the winter just due to time constraints and our family schedule!    The exciting thing about this giveaway is that we will again have 3 winners!

Oh and I am very excited to announce the winner of our honey giveaway from our apiary “The Winsome Roost” and drumroll please the winner of the 1lb. of honey giveaway is:

  • Harlena D.

Make sure to email me your address at lilsuburbanhomestead@gmail.com within 48 hours so we can get these out to you right away and so you can maintain your eligibility status for the winnings!

Remember this winner was randomly selected by Rafflecopter.

Enter The Giveaway Here for the “New To You” Gardening books here!  It will start at midnight on August 15th!

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We are so glad you are all joining in and celebrating with us all month-long!  This has been so much fun and I got to read some great bee keeping questions last week and answer them on our special bee chat at “The Homestead Bloggers” facebook page!  I hope you were able to join in….talk soon!


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    1. Thanks so much for your comment you never know whats around the corner and I so appreciate you taking your valuable time and visiting our lil blog 🙂

  1. You know, I used to love to blog. But I really don’t any more. Too many people have been negative about the weirdest things–like okra ( I mean, really, why should they care if I grow okra in my own garden, but they gave me LOTS of grief about it.) I still love to read blogs.

    1. Cristy that is crazy! I feel like you have to wonder about folks that are so opinionated ha ha. My husband is so awesome because he will always say that is their problem not ours. So we have stayed the course for now. Thanks for stopping in!

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