The Futility of Weeding, Bee Drama, & Other Musings

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weeded garden area

Today and actually a great part of this past week I have spent considerable amount of time weeding, trimming back our Lantana that lines our front walkway and today I spent a lot of time cleaning out a corner near our deck for a cactus, rock, succulent garden we are putting in.  I have the before picture but I don’t have the after picture yet as I had two huge pots I could not move by myself and with our bee drama with our next door neighbor my husband had enough he was working on preparing a new site for our bees to move to etc…

As I was pulling weeds, debris, etc…..I was thinking how futile weeding is since it’s all going to grow back anyway.  Weeding is kind of like dishes and laundry it never ends so why do we keep doing it to ourselves.  That’s a rhetorical question 😉    However the reason I am weeding and cleaning out etc… is that I want to get some new stuff going in our yard and we want to make things more streamlined and efficient and I want to be able to find everything I am looking for case in point (hoe/rake/shovel) all the important items! 😉

my husband holding one of our drones

Okay the update on our bee situation with our neighbors well the other day we were eating breakfast and the neighbor was taking pictures of our bees from the other side of the fence I don’t know what they are after but we decided since we have not found another place to put our hives at for the time being we will move all of the bees to the back center of our Lil’ Suburban Homestead and hope this helps resolve the situation.  Is it frustrating to us that we have had the bees for three years and they are just saying something about it for the first time yes and for so many other reasons that I won’t bore you with here so the one hive my husband has been moving a few inches at a time and the other he is out moving tonight to a new location.

But to educate those of you that don’t know about moving bees you can’t just pick bees up and move them for lots of factors one of them is that bees have tremendous homing senses so if you move the hive too far they are essentially homeless and no one wants a bunch of homeless bees in suburbia trust me this will make them very angry!  The bees have to be moved at night when everyone is home and a thoughtful plan should be put into place to do this well and with as little as stress as possible to the bees.

Recently I read an article that has changed my thinking somewhat even though I know for sure all the weeds are going to come back but that it is very important to keep areas in our life for new gardens, new ideas, whatever it is trying to keep 10 % free space.  Apparently it is a Feng Shui principle but it is one I am applying in my life this summer in getting rid of clutter and streamlining our Lil’ Suburban Homestead.  Recently I applied this to cleaning out our cabinets and getting rid of clutter, unnecessary cook books (even though I really think they are ALL necessary ) and getting rid of stuff we just are not using anymore!  It already feels so much better in our kitchen!

chicken eating blackberries

My favorite part of the day was probably competing with one of our chickens photographed above for the blackberries!  I won but she put up a good fight 🙂


Have a great Sunday everyone!


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5 thoughts on “The Futility of Weeding, Bee Drama, & Other Musings

  1. I hope your neighbors chill out soon for you. I have way more than 10% of my property that I let go “au natural” and I do think it is helpful not only from a mental perspective – but provides habitat for our native bumble bees and birds.

    1. Thank you so much Laura for stopping by and weighing in on this subject. I do like to leave some of our shrubs a little heavier I love hearing the birds in the morning and while we have some overgrown areas which are on my list to tidy up I do think that is important for wildlife in a world that they have less places to seek refuge. As far as the neighbors go I sure hope so too….

  2. Yes, weeding is futile! I weed my fingers raw and within days the carpet of weeds has returned! I hope that your neighbor stopped the nonsense and that you were able to get your bees situated where you wanted.

    1. Lara we did finally get the bees located away from the fence line and to a host site as well…whew! Thanks for your comment! I agree weeds, dishes, and laundry never go away but the weeds even do go away in Coastal NC in the winter!

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