Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger Review & The Winner of The Book “Survival Mom”

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Have we got a review for you???? But first I have to announce the winner of “Survival Mom” the book by Lisa Bedford “The Survival Mom“.


Congratulations to Lesslie B. you are going to love this book!  You are the lucky winner!

Click here to get your own copy of this book!

If you didn’t know I am always ready to listen to a pitch or a new idea I guess because my husband “The Viking” in my life is such an innovator and is always inventing new projects and looking for ways to streamline and make our home more efficient!

Recently I was approached by Otterlab with a new product they have been working on  called the “Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger” and I told them that if I had a sample of their product, had an opportunity to review it, and of course an opportunity to try it out I would share with my readers if I thought it was a useful or helpful product.    They sent me the sample of the product quite a while ago and I am finally getting around to writing the post.

mom's mason jar

I really like how it works and it does hold the jars up very nicely and since they are just getting their idea off the ground I thought I would share their facebook page link with all of you!  They do take some time to install my husband had to bolt them to the wall because they are holding up so much weight but Otterlab provided everything for the install and it went quickly and easily.

These would work great in garages, closets, basements, in my case I am using it for jars I want to use during that week for cooking next to the spice rack so I won’t forget!  I have so  much stock I keep in my canning cupboard that this will help me to rotate it out.

So do you have any special way you store your canning products, I have friends who even store some under their beds whatever works don’t knock it!

Have a great week everyone and remember my motto…”If you have a home you’re a homesteader!”


Karen Lynn

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2 thoughts on “Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger Review & The Winner of The Book “Survival Mom”

  1. Now I have to get your space rack.Was it handmade or bought? Share links please I want to see more photos to show our local carpenter 🙂

    1. Oh I thought I shared the facebook link in this post…okay I will send it to you 🙂 It’s great!

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