Easter Recipes From Farm Girl Chit Chat

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asparagus recipe
Today I am going to share some amazing recipes with all of you!  Recently I joined a group on Facebook called “Farm Girl Chit Chat” where Farm Gals either on a suburban homestead like me or on a real large-scale farm or somewhere in between we are all “Farm Girls At Heart” and Wow these women can cook!  You will love these wonderful recipes and the pictures will make your mouth water.  Many of them have their own blogs where they share wonderful cooking, homesteading posts and hand-made crafts.  This group was founded by my friend Heidi who has a beautiful blog herself at My Simple Country Living.

The recipes that I see shared on a regular basis  in this group are just fantastic.  So I decided to ask  these women that are all accomplished cooks to share some of their tried and true Easter Recipes with all of you!

They all look delicious!

egg and onion quiche recipe
Photo Credit: Dandelion House – The Happy Homestead

Side Dishes
From Hooterville Homestead
Scalloped Potatoes

From Dandelion House – The Happy Homestead
Easy Egg & Onion Quiche

From Lil’ Suburban Homestead
Roasted Asparagus

ham recipe
Photo Credit: Hibiscus House Presents Dolly Is Cooking

The Main Event

From Hibiscus House Presents Dolly Is Cooking
Brown Sugar Pineapple Baked Ham

cheesecake recipe
Photo Credit: Lazy J Bar C Farm

For Dessert

From Letters From Sunnybrook
Swap Peeps For Pastelli

From Lazy J Bar C Farm
I hope you enjoy all of these wonderful and special Easter recipes shared by Farm Girls from their tried and true recipe books!

This year we are having Leg Of Lamb, asparagus, and maybe some of these wonderful recipes listed here! Thanks for stopping in and I hope you will give one of these fabulous recipes a try! Let me know if you do!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Karen Lynn


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8 thoughts on “Easter Recipes From Farm Girl Chit Chat

  1. Hi Karen! Lovely post! Thank you for featuring a taste home from the Farmgirl Chit Chat face group… Those farmgirls can cook! Happy Easter. Deb ( and thanks for featuring my Egg and Onion Quiche too!

    1. Deb I love the Farm Girl Chit Chat group! It is really amazing to get to know fellow bloggers in a whole new way! I cannot wait to try your egg and onion quiche!

  2. Karen I really like your blog and it is a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you so much for featuring my family’s Baked Ham. I just love our Farmgirl Chit Chat group it is like one big happy family.

    1. Dolly thank you so much I am loving getting to know you as well! Your ham is absolutely beautiful and I do feel like I’m in a wonderful family full of farm girls!

  3. Hello Karen! This was a great idea. I have pinned this post. Thank you for sharing a few of our friends special recipes. We are fortunate to be in a blog community of so many talented, compassionate, and generous women willing and able to share their skills. Have a Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Heidi I love the Farm Girl Chit Chat group and I have learned so much from all of the talented women who are members! So grateful for you putting this together! You have a Happy Easter too!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Glad you enjoyed the post I loved sharing these recipes from all of these wonderful ladies!

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