So Many Repairs & Why My Life Feels Like An Episode Of The Middle

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Recently because of the list of home repairs and repairs in general my life has felt like an episode of “The Middle” and that is no exaggeration and truthfully I love this show because it clearly represents in a funny way what is happening in the U.S. this is what is happening the truth can all be seen at Costco, or Sam’s Club or your local warehouse shopping club. The U.S. is now split into two groups “The Full Carts” and “The Sparse Carts” and it’s pretty evident to tell who is who.

My life is an episode of the middle

Please do not think that I am not grateful for all I have! I truly am grateful that I survived thyroid cancer and I had other family members conquer major medical illness and while that set us back financially several years and we are behind where I would like to be in our 40’s but so are lots of other people. I am grateful for my health and my family and even my job which while it is non lucrative brings me lots of joy!

So here are the recent list of repairs we need to do some are home repairs and we even have a car repair on our list and we even had a chicken catastrophe.

We had our deck removed but now we need to grade, plant seed, and plan where the new concrete pad will be poured.

Our kitchen chairs have all broken but luckily we haven’t had to drag in lawn chairs since we do have a dining room set so that is in good shape. Of course we are going to upcycle these and we have a post coming soon!

My air conditioning broke on my car oh and all my tires went bald around the same time we did replace two of them right away still trying to find the right tires to get the other two done.

I had a chicken die last week we don’t know why I wonder if she had an egg stuck in her vent but she showed no signs of illness

This past Saturday on the eve of Easter our plumbing went “Kaput” for lack of a better word we had a clog deep in the pipes that made us unable to use our sink, dishwasher, or washer our saving grace was that both bathrooms were available.

Oh and I forgot to mention that our stove top has acted wonky we have replaced all the elements and burners but I guess enough is enough it was  a cheap stove/oven that came with our house and well I don’t think the stove was ready for the likes of me cooking, baking, and canning all the time!

Sometimes you just want to give up  but does Frankie give up on The Middle?  No, she just keeps storing her quilts in the oven and we will hold our heads up high and we will get through it with some good old fashioned dignityl.  The toughest part for me is the kids now notice when things aren’t going well before they were oblivious for years so I just try to handle it all in stride with some grace and remind them all we have much to be thankful for and we are better off than so many others which is true.  So many people in this world don’t have  a roof over their head or health care and they go to bed hungry which is heart breaking.  I think it is another reason why I love the show “The Middle” they suffer through their less than Norman Rockwell Christmas’s but in the end remind us it is the people in our lives that truly bring us joy and happiness.

Whether you believe the moral of the story or show or not having a sense of humor does make life easier.  If you are looking for tips to have money set aside for emergencies such as these you have to stop over at my friend Mr. CBB’s site at Canadian Budget he is the “Finance” guru and has all your tips to help you learn how to save money all while living in style.

Have a great week everyone!


Karen Lynn

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5 thoughts on “So Many Repairs & Why My Life Feels Like An Episode Of The Middle

    1. Erin this is definitely the year of repairs in our life! 🙂 It happens though and I agree when it rains it pours. Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  1. You know what Karen, I’m in the same boat. I had to start over and although many would think we are farther ahead we really have further to go. We have yet to start a family and are still renovating our house. The list never ends but at the end of the day we have to be thankful for what we have. The thing that hurts most people is believing they are owed what they see in their head about their future. If we just set goals and lived life being happy with our accomplishments everything will seem much brighter. Have a great weekend! Mr.CBB

    1. Mr. CBB I do feel rich with friends and the life we have built for ourselves….I actually kept cooking and going ….on Easter Sunday when the plumbing went out and we still had a great day! Thank you for sharing your thoughts I always learn so much from you! I appreciate you stopping in 🙂 We have a long way to go….my goal now is once my son is in college to really dive into extra projects or jobs! The good thing is with blogging I get to meet fabulous people like yourself and my other virtual friends 🙂

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