DIY: Renew Your Grout Without A Doubt

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DIY: Renew Your Grout Without A Doubt

renew your grout without a doubt

Project Time: An entire weekend about (16-24 hours depending on space and your speed of work)


Project Budget: $60.00


My husband and I decided it was time to make our old grungy dining room floor look new again it was looking rough and as you know we are the “Fix It” couple or the “Dynamic DIY Duo” so we had to try our hand at this for sure. I wasn’t expecting the amazing results we got so I just had to share it with all of you! The floor really looks like a brand new floor again and we are so happy with how good it looks. It was frugal in terms of budget of course a lot less expensive than purchasing a new floor however it was extremely labor intensive. Let’s face it repairs around the home aren’t for everyone but they sure do offer huge savings!


Items Needed:

 Grout Acid Cleaner

 Grout Renewal Agent

Grout Sealer


spray bottle & water


 Two inexpensive packs of toothbrushes

3 or 4 old towels or rags

 Safety glasses and gloves as precaution against chemical

 A well ventilated Room, An Open Door/Window and a fan

 My husband did make an extender hack brush too

For the hack you need a broom handle, tooth-brush, and electric tape and you too can have the Viking’s hack toothbrush extender!



 First you need to clean the existing grout with a grout cleaner (acid) you must wear safety gear such as safety glasses and gloves and follow all safety precautions on packaging!   The Viking used a toothbrush to do all of this and then he wiped behind him with an old cotton towel.  Then he sprayed along the way as he went with a spray bottle to rinse and wiped with another cotton towel.  Make sure to open a window or door and face the fan to blow the chemical smell away from you and out the window.

 Once this is done the grout needs to dry over night and it will become extremely porous.

 Once you get back to your tile the next day it’s time to brush in the grout renewal with a toothbrush. The Viking and I did this part together. As soon as you brush the thick gooey grout renewal onto the old grout you want to wipe across it with an old towel or the renewal will dry up on the tile.

Next you need to let the floor dry again over night. Wipe down your floor in the morning with a warm damp towel.


Lastly you seal the floor with a final clear sealer (make sure the floor is completely dry before you start this process) the sealer we purchased came with it’s own applicator at the tip of the bottle and went on relatively with ease and we should have a grout that holds up for several years now! Definitely worth the effort!


Sometimes spending an entire weekend on a project as a couple makes the venture worth it. We are both proud of our dining room and foyer floors again! Definitely makes me want to have company over soon! The Viking and I both agreed we are glad we put the sweat equity and the extra effort to get this project done and hopefully you learned something new…yes you can do this!


I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!




*Disclaimer: Any DIY posts that involve chemicals you enter into at your own risk when in doubt call a licensed professional contractor. Use common sense around chemicals do not leave them around for children or pets to get into and if you do not how to use these items or follow directions do not attempt DIY projects. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “DIY: Renew Your Grout Without A Doubt

  1. The floor looks amazing now!! I’m not sure I could trust my hubby with the chemicals as he has a bad habit of making rather big messes then expecting someone else (guess who!!) to clean up after him. Reading the directions is not on his priority list I’m afraid. I’m not putting him down but we are coming up on 39 years of marriage next month so I have a great deal of experience in dealing with him and his projects.

    1. Christine I know I love our floor that is exactly why the Viking wouldn’t let me work with the acid he was like you are so going to get this on you…and you know what he’s right. I’m a messy worker but that being said I always tidy up and put things away at the end of a project unlike someone I know LOL I’m not mentioning any names 😉

  2. What a transformation! Great job, y’all! Do you know if that particular type of cleanser would work on bathroom tile? Our shower grout needs an overhaul.

  3. Thanks Daisy! We mostly just scrub our tiles with hot water and rinse, that and elbow grease works best for us.

    1. Cindy it made all the difference but you really have to do it every two to three years if you have a lot of foot traffic but a lot cheaper than replacing your entire floor!

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