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Lil' Suburban Homestead Upcycled Chicken Tractor

Hi everyone! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

I have to tell all of you that the “Viking” in my life just finished our newest chicken tractor and I absolutely love it!  You could easily build this chicken tractor too he kept the design very simple and I love some of the convenience features.

upcycled window latch

On this tractor he came up with some features that were very custom all while using many items he already had on hand….for example he collects wooden dowels and he found an old mill that gives “FREE” wood away as well about an hour from home so when he is traveling around he collects things we may need.

This design has three nesting boxes and a wonderful roost for them to perch on every night and it also has a latched gate at the other end from the coop area for ease of changing out the feed and water.

The first custom item he put in was the dowel for the roost but oh no he did not stop there. The lid opens up from above the laying and roosting area for full access to reach hens who might be trying to escape and for ease of cleaning the coop.

The  Viking taking a moment to visit the chickens!

The lid also has a latch which used to be on a window sash somewhere now keeping my chickens secure.

The chicken wire is from leftover on a roll from a previous chicken coop! I love it when we re-use and re-purpose items the savings really adds up!

He re-used some of the vinyl that he scavenged for when we built the “Chicken Yurt” we have since taken that down when we removed all of our decks and the vinyl that acts as a shade protector and it stays over the food and water to keep them fresh and away from the elements!

lsh chx final

Such an awesome act when you keep items out of the garbage and make useful upcycled projects!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  What have you been up to this weekend?


Karen Lynn

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