We are on the 5th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour!

We are on the 5th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour!

We are on the 5th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour!
We are on the 5th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour!

We are so excited to be on the 5th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour again this year!

Coming soon:  Saturday, May 7th from 10am to 3pm. – Coastal Cluck Coop Tour – I will link details to this post soon!

Denise Culler runs this event and let me tell you we are kindred spirits; her passion for raising chickens is contagious!  

The Viking and I can’t wait to share all the different coop designs we have tried.  We are on the quest for the perfect chicken coop design and love trying new set ups and the one we are using right now so far is the best I love it! I will share our specific set up with all of you at the event but I want folks that are on The Coastal Cluck Coop Tour to come by and check it out!  We really want people to know no matter what your budget is you can afford to get in on owning chickens right in your backyard.  I even posted in our coop description “Nothing Fancy Here!” but click here to see our Chicken Tractor.

We will also have beekeeping equipment out (smoker, jacket, books etc…)so that if you would like to see our processes in raising bees and the equipment we use you can get a more up close look at this other fun hobby and ask my husband who I call the “Viking” questions.  Yes we are both beekeepers!

We have a very important request and that is we are asking for a canned food item to be left at one of your coop stops so the food can be donated to the hungry isn’t that a wonderful thing?  The collection bin will be clearly marked and labeled.  It’s great to go out and check out all the chickens but to help others well that is just perfect!

Currently at our lil’ homestead we have a buff orpington, a barred rock, a rhode island red, and an americauna although we just had an attack by raccoons so we suffered some losses.  Not a great way to start our spring season with our chickens but we have owned chickens for years and that is par for the course.  Raising chickens comes with losses it is a sad reality of raising a critter that tastes so good although we just raise our gals for eggs and they are fresh and delicious!


We love sharing about our edible garden that we have been working on incorporating more permaculture ideas as well. We have fig trees, pear trees, an almond tree, a peach tree, a mulberry tree, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry bushes and tons of jerusalem artichokes all on our lil’ 1/3 of an acre.  

We can’t wait to meet and greet and chat with all of you!

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



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