Fall Happenings On Our Homestead

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our chickens nesting

Fall is actually one of our favorite seasons on our Lil’ Suburban Homestead! We have had some really cool things going on and even some major changes with our chickens.


I put some of my favorite pictures up!  One is of my beautiful portulaca which is one of my favorite plants did you know portulaca and “mexican rose” are the same!  It grows wonderfully in Coastal NC!


Recently we pared down our chickens from a total of 11 to 3 hens left on our homestead. This is working for us at this stage in our life where we needed to simplify things due to college visits for our Senior Son etc….and my daughter who has moved out of the nest already I want to have time to go visit her so I guess at this stage you could say that we are empty nest homesteaders these days! I usually refer to us having one foot in the empty nest but I am enjoying time watching my beautiful children grow up!


It is so fun to watch our chickens in their mobile DIY upcycled chicken coop and watching them making their own pinestraw nests instead of using their nesting boxes.

My dog River and I have been taking some nice fall walks and even hanging on the porch some! What’s most exciting is we have been dealing with less mosquitos and that’s always a good thing in the south!


The eggplant has come in and the Jerusalem Artichokes are ready to harvest.

We made homemade elderberry syrup today to help me continue to boost my immune system as I am getting over my recent sickness with tonsilitis.

Lastly my hunny The Viking in my life planted our salad bowl gardens on our front porch so even though we are on the go, go, go, we have lots going on!

It’s been a while since I have checked in and given you guys an update so I wanted to let ya’ll now how we are doing!

How are you doing? What is going on at your homestead?

Karen Lynn

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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