The Bucket Backpack – A Foraging, Gardening, Hunting, You Name It It Helps You Get The Job Done Tool

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The Bucket Backpack Review

My Summary of My Product Review Is That The Bucket Backpack is a Foraging,

Gardening, Hunting, You Name It It Helps You Get The Job Done Tool!




Hope ya’ll are all having an amazing Sunday!

Every now and then I get an opportunity to review a product and I was so excited to have an opportunity to review the Bucket Backpack. I am so impressed with this product that I have to share with all of you my initial thoughts.  First of all when I received it in the mail I was not expecting a product that was so padded and comfortable which as we tried it out we learned was a very well thought out part of the construction because as you carry heavier items the more strain on your back but we both noticed this backpack was extremely comfortable to use!

The Viking was excited to try the Bucket Backpack out for a variety of uses so we just got on it and as we haven’t had time to try it out for all of our ideas the two of us came up with a list on how we plan to use the bucket backpack in the future and we will share with you some ideas we have already used it for!

collecting compost

Ways You Can Use the Bucket Backpack 

Carrying firewood

Collecting pine cones and fatwood

Collecting and distribution of compost especially helpful if you don’t own a wheelbarrow or you are in an urban environment where space is a concern

Gardening Tasks

Collection and distribution of mulch and compost if you have a wilderness food plot that is at a secure bug out area

Foraging for fruit in wild orchards and other wild edibles such as mushrooms

Collecting seashells at the ocean

For putting fish you catch in it

Photographers and Outdoorsmen and women can carry lunch and change of clothes in bucket easily and items will stay dry and protected

Hunting – Act as a game bag to put rabbit, squirrels, dove and other small game in

A myriad of future “Preparedness” or “Survival” uses

 gardening with the bucket packpack lsh

The Viking plans to put our Bucket Backpack to good use by using it carry tools when he has to get up on a roof and climb on tall ladders to get to his location.  We think this is the perfect way to carry items to the beach and not worry about them getting wet or when we are done at the beach keeping the wet items in a bucket.  I plan to pack snacks and towels to carry to the beach and when we leave I am going to stuff the wet towels and trash back in the bucket genius!  It’s now not just a foraging tool but a tool for lot’s of other uses!  We are growing our idea list for this fabulous product daily!

My husband The Viking also really likes to use buckets with lids so when we tried out the Bucket Backpack we used buckets with lids and they all worked great with it we were pleased with the results.  You do need to make sure when you strap the Bucket Backpack around the 5 gallon bucket of your choice that you secure it properly around the top band for best results so that you can take this backpack on and off your back easily with no spillage.  You can see clearly where to secure it in the above photo of it holding the compost for contents.

I titled this post aptly because I truly believe this product is the Foraging, Gardening,  Hunting, Beach Combing, Photographer’s Picnic Basket, Tradesmen’s helper you name it it helps you get the job done tool!

I have already had so much fun with this product being Suburban Homesteaders it was not hard for us in just a couple of minutes to come up with a ton of uses and one we are not sharing about today because we are saving it for another upcoming blog post…stay tuned!

Why didn’t I think of this?  So clever!  Love it!






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