The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 6 – Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cookinglsh suburban off grid cooking dutch oven cooking

Hope ya’ll are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

I am so excited to share with you No. 6  in our Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series where we use our Dutch Oven to make homemade Brunswick stew for a big crowd that joined us on New Years Day to celebrate this new year 2015 with all of us and if I haven’t said so I wish you all a beautiful and Happy New Year!  

We had a great day on New Years Day our friends and neighbors came over to the house and we had Brunswick Stew, my fish stew, and Dutch Oven Apple Crisp (that was gluten-free) it was so good!   We had so much fun hanging out by the fire, eating homemade soup, the little ones played with the chickens and we even had time to all shoot my son’s crossbow!  Fun when you can connect with others and share your love of farm living, weapons to hunt with, and even our garden which obviously is just a glimmer in Spring’s eye.

It is so much fun to remember the good times for sure!

Dutch Oven Cooking Tips:

Make Sure to use Hot Coals and cook your food items in a dutch oven slowly.

Be careful to never touch the oven or lid with your hands.  It’s easy to forget how hot they are!

Make sure your Dutch Oven’s are well seasoned!

We season our Dutch Oven with Bee’s Wax I wrote an article about our process on how

we do that  for From Scratch Magazine here!

Brunswick Stew Recipe

3 lbs. chicken breasts and pork chops (boneless)

1 large can 110 oz. crushed tomatoes 

2  – 2  Cup bags of smoked chicken broth (Doesn’t have to be smoked but it makes it really tasty!)

2 bags lima beans (you can use frozen, canned or deyhdrated for all veggies/potatoes)

2 bags frozen corn

1 large bag frozen hash browns

1 T. salt

1/2 T. pepper

1 stick butter

2 tsp. hot sauce

1 lb. onion minced

Warm large skillet.  I add a little ghee to the pan to keep meat from sticking.

Dice meat, cook it and throw in stew pot.

Add frozen broth.

Add all the rest of ingredients and cook over an open fire for about 3 to 4 hours over slow heat.

This stew is a favorite it’s delicious I think it will feed about 30 people!  

I hope you like it!



lsh off grid cooking on new years day


Dutch Oven Apple Crisp (Gluten Free) 

Use a well seasoned Dutch Oven

6-8 apples (6 medium/8 small)

1/2 stick butter

1 C. Brown Sugar

2 C. oats

2/3 C. Gluten Free Flour or Regular Flour whichever you prefer but then it’s not gluten-free

Mix brown sugar, oats, and gluten-free flour and toss 2/3 of it with  apples.  Reserve 1/3 of it.

With the remaining 1/3  pour over the mixture sometimes you need to add more butter.  Then cover the Dutch Oven with coals and be sure to cook slowly.

This is so delicious with homemade vanilla ice cream!  YUM

What are your favorite methods to use for off-grid cooking?  Definitely make sure to share your ideas I am trying to see how many different off-grid ways we can find to prepare our meals.    So far we have covered at our lil’ homestead cooking in the All American Sun Oven, cooking with the rocket stove, and now Dutch Oven Cooking and we will be continuing to explore different options for Suburban Off-Grid Cooking.


I wish you all a beautiful week ahead!





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