The Simplest DIY Lotion Bar Recipe Ever

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The Simplest DIY Lotion Bar Recipe Ever

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You guys know I love to keep things simple! Well this is the simplest DIY Lotion Bar Recipe ever! I hope you are all having a great week as well…it’s already flying by so fast! We did a video tutorial on how we made the DIY lotion bars but what we did not do was a blog post and I want to make sure you all have the correct steps and instruction just in case you want to make some of your own. I have to say I love them! We made ours kind of large this go around but we plan on making them smaller too!

We recently went on a weekend trip to the western part of the state and it was so much drier than it is here in Coastal NC thank goodness we had our lip balm and lotion bars with us! 

The first thing you have to think about is what are you going to use for a mold for your DIY lotion bar recipe…….I have seen folks use soap molds but we were thinking of something different and we opted for a votive candle holder mold since we also plan to make some beeswax candles for gifts. These are a little larger but we found the perfect containers at Dollar Tree and my DIY lotion bar fits perfectly in my handbag.

What is also fun about this project is that it can be as creative as you want it to be.  I see some folks make the lotion bars flatter and give them as gifts in altoid tins which is such a clever idea.  They also have small chocolate tins and they make great gift card holders too!

My favorite part of this project is that we are using all natural ingredients that are chemical free!  I hate rubbing chemicals into my skin since our skin absorbs everything we put on it and it is so important to be concerned about what we put on it.  Plus our skin handles a lot of stress and pollutants for us every day!    I also love using essential oils that are chemical free and non toxic so I know what is in my lotion and what is in our lip balms and it something I can feel good about for myself and my family!  


Lotion Bar Recipe


6 oz. Beeswax

6 oz. Coconut Oil

5 Capsules Vitamin E Oil

6 oz. Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter or you could do a blend of both you may have to play with this proportion until you find a happy medium for you!

20 drops of lemon grass essential oil.


In a double boiler or very thick cast iron pot (you have to worry about flash point with beeswax) heat  your beeswax, shea or cocoa butter, and coconut oil up until all of it is melted.

Once it is all melted puncture the vitamin e oil capsules and squeeze the contents of them out into the mixture and stir it in.

Lastly shake 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice into the lotion bar mixture.

Pour lotion bar mixtures into molds and let cool.

Place molds over aluminum foil so you can reuse any excess.  

Once cooled they will pop out fairly easy and we store them in the plastic containers show in the video above!  We are having a blast recording our 2:11 series for all of you!  

You know our mantra “reuse, recycle, repurpose!”  I hope you all love these lotion bars as much as we enjoy making them!  

I wish you all a beautiful week!  Until next time!

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