March Madness – Baby Gifts, Graduation Gifts & Seed Orders

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March Madness – Baby & Graduation Gifts and Seed Orders


This is the time of year when I try to get it all done! I think March Madness implies go, go, go, time…and the sad thing is I still don’t feel really rested properly from Winter LOL! I have not only my son (my last baby in the nest) graduating high school this June but several of his friends so I want to have a gift for all of them. I also have some baby showers to go too and if I didn’t get my seed orders in at any of my favorite seed stores now is the time! The pressure is really on now so anything that I procrastinated about this winter….well no more!

I can’t share yet what I am doing for my son for his graduation but I am really excited about this project and I promise I will share when I am done! I can share that I am crocheting a baby blanket right now for a baby shower I was invited too and it’s coming on very quickly. I prefer to give homemade gifts I love that they are so unique and one of a kind. No one else is going to use the exact same stitches or handiwork as I am going to do. I said recently in a podcast that my true confession was that I did not know how to knit or crochet. To clarify I do know how to crochet I just don’t know how to crochet “fancy”. Thank goodness my Grandma Munner taught me how to crochet or I probably would not know how to do it now. She was always so patient with me one stitch at a time….I made more crochet chains than I could ever count and was content making crochet chain after crochet chain…it’s kind of funny when I think about it now. I am posting two photos of some crocheting work I have been doing in this post neither are completed yet but hey it’s only March 1st…..that’s what the March Madness is all about.


I always have plenty of seeds leftover from last years season but I also like to try new and original type seeds….the first time we tried Jerusalem Artichokes they actually failed we planted them out front in too damp of a location and they failed. We planted them next out back in a well-drained sunny location and they have now almost taken over our back yard! This year I would like to try corn we haven’t tried it in a while and I don’t need a huge patch of corn as we have small yard but just enough to feed us for a couple of dinners! I love the taste of fresh summer corn…don’t you?

Around our lil’ homestead we are just spending some time making plans to add a back porch and patio we are trying to do it for as frugal as possible so we will keep you all posted on our plans because you know we want to build a back sun porch and patio for as cheaply as possible so we will definitely bring you on the journey with us for sure! We also want to add to our patio an outdoor canning kitchen this will save a lot of wear and tear on our stove eventually and our last creative task this year is to put new counter tops in the kitchen and I don’t want granite…I want some wooden counter tops or something more natural.

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time!


3 thoughts on “March Madness – Baby Gifts, Graduation Gifts & Seed Orders

  1. I don’t crochet fancy either, but I don’t really have a desire to. What I make turns out pretty and it relaxes me. I love things with a repeat in the pattern. Complicated have to do every row different read the pattern each row patterns stress me out and defeat the purpose.

    1. Krista that’s how I feel……..good to know I am in the same camp with someone else! Thank you for stopping by and commenting I would love to see some of your crocheting sometime!

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