Why We Love Small Space Homesteading In Suburbia

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I am so excited to share that this post is part of the 30 Days of Homesteading Round Robin and I am so glad ya’ll are here for a visit!

Why We Love Small Space Homesteading In Suburbia

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Hi I am Karen Lynn and if you are new to Lil’ Suburban Homestead well first of all I just want to welcome you to our lil’ suburban homestead! I always believed that we could grow enough food to supplement our families diet substantially on a small space….it was a dream of mine and you know what we have accomplished the dream! We continue to add more edible foods to our edible arrangement so our homestead will evolve and change to meet our needs and now we have spent the past year or two downsizing as we are now an empty nest couple but still lots going on just now we are feeding only two of us full-time!

Just me!

One of the most helpful items that we put in on our “small space” homestead was our raised bed gardens and we can grow a lot of food in this space and we rotate crops on a regular basis. We start with mustard greens, swiss chard, and radiccio, and then move on to add okra, squash, and eggplant in the summer. Don’t let the raised beds fool you we can pack a lot of garden in here as we also grown tromboncino squash, radishes, carrots, asparagus, bush beans, and even Jerusalem Artichokes.

raised bed gardens

We also raise 4 chickens in our mobile coop on our small space homestead; at this time we have one barred rock, one rhode island red, one buff orpington, and one Americauna. The chickens are lively and most days give us 4 eggs a day which is more than enough for me and my husband. At one point in time we had 29 chickens on our homestead so we have cut back a lot! Our Lineman football player Senior who is going to college to play football usually eats them all though in one sitting so often I have gotten used to eating more otameal this year.

our daily haul of eggs

We typically have 3 bee hives on our lil’ homestead too. Sadly this year we lost all of our bees but we are starting over this spring and will be in the honey again soon and we will have the buzzing of bees back again that I so miss! Last year we got a nice bit of honey!


Never underestimate what you can accomplish on a small space homestead! It is a lot of work for us because we both work full time but we love every minute of it and compared to many projects the effort required is comparatively minimal when you evaluate the ripple effect and rewards. We have made many homesteading friends on the journey, we both continue to learn and evolve our skill set. I am now crocheting, my husband is a beekeeper, we have learned to make our own lotion bars, lip balms, wine, and now I am getting back into sewing. Who knows what is next on the horizon….I just hope it’s a wonderful adventure!


I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!






PS – This post is dedicated to my Aunt Geraldine who has been such a strong encourager of my blog and of me developing my writing means more to me than she will know!



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26 thoughts on “Why We Love Small Space Homesteading In Suburbia

  1. Hi Karen Lynn! Love this post! I love reading about how others garden and live a more sustainable lifestyle! Your journey is an inspiration to many! I love this time of year and look forward to seeing how your garden grows! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Thanks fcbama I so appreciate your kind words and I am glad our journey offers others inspiration I am constantly in awe of all the wonderful gardeners and innovators online and the amazing things they are all doing I just tell folks you need to do what works for your homestead! Have a great day!

  3. I want you to know you have been such an inspiration to me on my homesteading journey. I do not know ANYONE personally that has a front yard garden or raises chickens and rabbits on a regular suburban lot like I do. It is so encouraging to hear about your passion for all these things that I also love. Not only you, but you have introduced other people around the country through your podcasts that have also been an inspiration. Even though you are in a different area, I am in Dallas, TX, it seems like we have a lot of the same challenges with tough soil and unpredictable weather. Just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to me! Thank you! Anne-Marie

    1. Anne-Marie sorry for my late reply my life has been a whirlwind….wow you have made my day, maybe my month, and year too! I so love connecting with other like minded folks I will definitely check out your blog I am glad my podcasts have inspired you! The people I interview make them I can’t wait to do them! I so appreciate taking your valuable time out of your very busy life to share your thoughts! Wow I’m speechless (blushing!) Thanks again!

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