You Know You Are Beautiful Right?

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You Know You Are Beautiful Right?

you know you are beautiful right?

Why are we so tough on on ourselves?  You know you are beautiful right?

Social media has us all feeling so down if we are not a size two and if we are a size two that we aren’t curvy enough and if we are curvy maybe we are too curvy….you get the picture! I’m so tired of the media telling me how I should be…us telling us how we should be! We should be what we are, I mean that’s how we were made and it’s pretty damn amazing! Ooops I was getting passionate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then there is the whole fashion thing and well I guess maybe I’m not hip but let me tell you just like music I know what I like…I like to be cozy, I have windblown wild hair, and I love to get my nails done and as a gardener, and a farm girl at heart(yes I know I’m in Suburbia) that means lots of nail repairs….I thought about it and I thought if I had a choice between therapy or nail therapy I choose nails and to purse my seed addiction.  I mean we all have issues!

So I digress in to my very own fashion for a minute and then I want to get back to why you are beautiful…

The thing that’s funny to me about style or fashion is that everyone’s style is different….I can appreciate someone else’s style but know it’s not for me.

I used to think when I was young that the ladies who were “wiser” were outdated because they weren’t wearing the latest pumps and adorning the latest handbags….but now I appreciate that over the years they fell into their own sense of style for found their faves along the way this is why some lipsticks never go out of style or it takes year….

So I love handmade jewelry of a simple design, tie dye t-shirts, comfy blue jeans, I’m a huge fan of laminated fabric must be a 70’s thing, I think Croc flip flops are da’ bomb, feathered hair to me never really goes out of style, Sak Roots purses speak to me with all of their color, I wear lavender essential oil as my perfume, and I love aprons particularly handmade ones especially if they have chickens on them. I despise heels, but love a nice pair of gardening shoes.

I guess I have an eclectic style…very informal…and I like it! Do you have a style all your own that you love?

So back to why you are beautiful and that is because beauty is from the inside out and I actually can say with full certainty that almost everyone I have ever met I have found something beautiful a about them unless they were hard-hearted and well sadly that comes out too and sometimes they have a physical beauty but the anger or whatever that is comes through after a while.  You know we all see them played by those fabulously mean actors and actresses….I mean don’t they do a good job?

It’s tough to feel beautiful sometimes with dirt under your nails or your hair all tangled or maybe you have been up all the night with your baby and you think ugh, “Karen Lynn I sure don’t feel beautiful.” Maybe you are nursing someone who is sick and you are exhausted and are at the end of the end of your rope.

Just remember you’re beautiful and if you can try to do 3 things that bring yourself joy! We have been through tough times so maybe for you it’s just to take a shower, take a walk in your garden, and squeeze a nap in. Maybe you just need rest, a hug, a friend, a shoulder….oh friends I know that feeling so much. I sometimes just want someone to talk to and I don’t want advice I want someone to just pat me on my shoulder and say “You got this!” so I am hear to tell all of you “You got this!” It will be tough but you are a survivor and you’re beautiful, and you have a sparkle even if you don’t see it just now…it’s there.

So sometimes I think we need to be reminded that we are beautiful……what are you most proud of?  Your eyes? Your smile? Your legs?

Do you have a fabulous laugh, or a great whit, or are you the life of the party?

Are you the friend that’s always there for everyone, steady, reliable, and strong?

All of those non-physical attributes have attractiveness associated with them and you have no idea how often I will look at another homesteading woman who can weave or do another type of craft with their hands and I will often think how beautiful their hands are.

Whatever it is…..embrace it!  My biggest regret is that I did not have a greater sense of appreciating myself at a younger age.  If I had to do it all over again I would have the wisdom to know that I am the person that I will spend the most time with in my life and I should like who I see when I look in the mirror and when I interact with others too.

It is amazing that it’s the little things that add up to what makes you beautiful but I wanted to tell you that you are in case you had not heard it lately although I know all of you that have little ones probably hear it all the time. I felt it pressed upon my heart to share this with all of you so if this post reaches one person and brings them joy then my work here is done tonight. I was going to share all about my Mother Earth News Fair adventures but that is coming but tonight I felt I needed to spend a moment encouraging my friends. Ya’ll are why I am on the journey and I’m grateful for every single one of you!

One more thing haters are going to hate….keep your shine on regardless!

I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time!

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6 thoughts on “You Know You Are Beautiful Right?

  1. My thing has always been making a lot of my own clothes. My Mom used to find it so funny that I would go prowl the expensive stores then hit the fabric store to find a pattern similar to something I saw. I would then make my version of that outfit. I’m tall so it was about the only way to get the fit!!
    I still sew and my niece is getting married this coming Nov. the wedding gift will be a home made one, I was talking to my SIL about maybe an afghan for the living room but I need to get a look at Jen and Adam’s place to get the colours for it soon!! I am also making my dress..I went to the local fabric store a couple of weeks back thinking I might find a fall colour they were reducing to make room for the summer stuff and I scored!! I got a nice deep teal light weight satin(might line it for extra body) for less than half price!! Pattern was on sale too!! It will be a long sleeve wrap style dress…nothing fancy but I’m not a high fashion girl!

    1. Christine I love that you make a lot of your own clothes I just know you are mega talented! I’m envious but know that is your gift and we aren’t all given the same gifts and that is okay. That dress sound amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a great reminder that we are all special in our own way and we need to treat ourselves that way, like special, beautiful women!

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