Charming North Carolina Azaleas Food For The Soul

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Charming Azaleas Food For The Soul

charming azaleas food for the soul

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week! I love having azaleas on our property and they are so easy to grow in Coastal, North Carolina! They are so vibrant, beautiful, and they color our yard every spring in a beautiful pastel pink and purple colors!


This is not a post about taking care of azaleas or telling you what to do with them etc…although I live in the land of the pines and our azaleas love our free pine mulch that is everywhere. This post is about how the azaleas all over my yard, my neighborhood, and my community have uplifted my soul. Sometimes writers don’t even write about their sadness sometimes it’s remembering someones passing with a tear or sometimes it’s a heart wrenching moment with a family member but I want all of you to know that when I have those moments I go sit in my garden and I have a good cry or I sip on some coffee or even some wine in the garden. There’s no shame in crying the flowers don’t mind and well you will feel better for it. The Spring reminds me of my Grandma Norma who loved her garden, or my Paternal Grandparents who loved bargain hunting, and my Step Dad Jim who came to see me when I had thyroid cancer to support me and my family and to help in any way he could.


What does spring mean to you? Do you have azaleas where you live? I also have to tell you I look forward to iris’s in our garden and I have portulaca that wintered over in our greenhouse. Spring is a sign of a new season and sometimes even when we don’t want the new season or we are kicking and screaming on the way to the new season the flowers show us the way….the ebb and flow of life and remind us to enjoy the beauty of life all the way along this journey we call life!


This weekend my son goes to his Senior Prom he is going with another friend Stag and also a group of friends I hope I will have pictures to share with all of you…….my son an adult the passing of a baton to the next generation of Lil’ Suburban Homestead men when he graduates although you know what he may not have his own suburban homestead but he will remember the skills and knowledge we taught him on the journey! He is passionate about farm to table food and keeping our food unprocessed and I am so proud of him not just for that but for being the determined successful young man that he is!



Oh one more thing I forgot to tell you that we transplanted some roses that were given to us and these are the type of roses you can get Vitamin C from the rose hips!


I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!




3 thoughts on “Charming North Carolina Azaleas Food For The Soul

  1. It’s finally starting to warm up here in Southern Ontario, Canada and I managed to carefully clean up my raised flower beds last weekend..had to walk along the top of the walls as the grass is still too wet to walk on. But things got cleaned up. We are at the bottom of a hill and all the snow melt and rain water flows down to us so things take a long time to dry out. We’re too cold for those lovely azaleas but they sure are pretty!! Enjoy them for me please!!

    1. Christine I sure will! I bet your summer’s are so vibrantly green the one thing about coastal NC is that the green does not last long once the heat comes things look kind of dead but of course I am only going to share my best maybe I need to share sometime a post this is how bad my yard looks in the summer so those of you in Canada don’t think it’s all roses and sunshine LOL! Good for you on cleaning up your beds that’s my least favorite job every spring 🙂 I have enjoyed the azaleas so much but it’s raining all day today. Thanks for stopping by and visiting 🙂

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