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old timey stove

I love vintage items……..I am surrounded by them in our house.  They bring me comfort and I love the way they look it just makes me feel at home and when you are at home that is so important!    This stove shown above was used for display purposes at the general store but it was absolutely beautiful.   On our travels while we were out with my Dad and Step Mom we went to a couple of antique stores, an old general store, a couple of thrift stores, we went out for barbecue for lunch,  and we met with an expert on wrought iron pieces.

The first item I spied was a huge crock and my first thought was how much sauerkraut I could make with one of these however I held off as the price was around $350.00.

huge crock

The second item was a “Knicker Boxer” icebox the real deal with tongs and all!  It was in mint and immaculate condition.

knicker boxer icebox

The third item was a “Pepsi” cooler…this would look great in my new sunroom…that is also on my wish list 😉  This is a reproduction of a vintage Pepsi cooler but it’s still awesome!  My Dad was with me he told me that my Grandpa had the real deal at his welding shop when he was growing up.  That is another plus for going out to vintage shops with your parents the items trigger memories and they will share great stories with you 🙂

vintage pepsi cooler reproduction

You can always follow my Pinterest Pins on my Dream Sunroom here.

The items we actually came home with are the following:

An antique bottle capper:

antique bottle capper

and a GE vintage fan.  I don’t know why but I have a thing for vintage fans and I picked up my second one this past weekend.

vintage ge fan

These are some of my dream wish list vintage items.  What are your dream items?  If you could go to antique store tomorrow and get whatever you wanted what would it be?  I would love to hear about it.

I wish all of you a wonderful week and for those of you in the cold territory which has dipped into the Carolinas stay warm!


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20 thoughts on “Vintage, Thrift, & Bargain Adventures

  1. Karen, I too love vintage items and the ones you have pictured are awesome! When Robert retires in a few years and we get our mountain log cabin, I will be doing the vintage items shopping to decorate the cabin. I am also in love with the Americana theme and want to do the porch in red, white and blue. Love your blog and will definitely keep following it.

    1. Twila thanks so much! Your cabin sounds like it is going to be amazing! I think that would be my dream to be able to just go treasure hunt for items for my lil’ retirement cottage one day! Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog it is a labor of love a hobby I truly pour my heart into and I am thankful that you will follow it as we have been friends for years I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. I know you have a wealth of creative ideas 🙂 Talk soon!

    1. Nancy I love your blog name it took me a minute and then I was like….very clever! I really tried to pick my favorite pieces to share with all of you and it was so much fun I am so glad you stopped in 🙂 By the way I do not think I would get anything done if I worked in an antique mall I would probably go in a corner and read books all day…ha ha LOL!

  2. I have trouble going to antiques shops…I want everything 🙂 But we don’t really have room for anything in our house (kind of a small ranch house) so if I get anything, it has to have a purpose and/or be really small! Love the items you shared!

    1. Lisa Lynn thanks so much! Our house is kind of small too so we always have to keep re-arranging or plan purposefully where we are going to place everything I am so glad you stopped over here to comment! I was inspired about how you have a blog hop page you follow for now I am going to just post them in my side bar but eventually I will probably break out a page for them it definitely helps readers see where you post everything every week! Have a great night!

  3. Karen, I HAVE that fan!
    Love the beautiful pieces you have here 🙂 I’m nearly an antique myself and I do love old things in general, but my rule of thumb is that it must be a working unit for me to buy it anymore (lest I bury myself in stuff). I have a wonderful collection of fun useful non electric kitchen gadgets 🙂

    1. Anna I agree it must be functional our house is too small to house non functional pieces unless they are display pieces. I have lived in a 900 sq. foot house, a 2200 sq. foot house and now currently a 1500 sq. foot house…kind of in the middle but we have to make everything count. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my wish list of course both pieces we picked up for us were actually functional and working! I think its so funny you have that fan. I have another one that I will post about when I do another vintage blog. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods 🙂

        1. I agree Anna my Dad chuckled about my fan saying they are not safe….I keep my old fans up high away from the cat and also I don’t have any toddlers around so I don’t worry about them too much bu to tell you they move a TON of air……glad all is well!

      1. I love the old stuff and it lasts forever! All’s well here Karen just very busy….but we got our seed order and now I can’t wait for the snow to melt 🙂

        1. I started some of my seeds I had gotten from seed swaps but I just placed an order with a friend too and we split the shipping and used a discount code too…isn’t it great to have friends? I think the thing about old stuff is that its so solid….I am looking for a desk right now for my office. Talk to you soon!

  4. Some really great items there…my oldest brother has the ice box from our grandparents…my mom remembers the ice man who used to come with the blocks of ice for it. So hard to believe all the changes people experience in one lifetime! (I love the cooler too!)

    1. Nancy thanks so much…….I think an old ice box would be cool I would most likely only use it for storage….isn’t it amazing that people actually used to have an ice man….WOW so much has changed. I thought the cooler was just too cool alas I did not leave with that item either 😉 So glad you stopped in and commented have a great day!

    1. I did and wow what a great hop you have going on! I will definitely post that in my sidebar widget when I have some maintenance time to work on my blog….been such a busy week this week! Thanks so much for the reminder I love connecting with other homesteaders 🙂

  5. I love them all. The stove at the top and the ice box are what I would like to have. I was lucky enough to come upon a 6 gallon brown and tan (I know there is a name for that but not coming to me now) crock the other day for only $70. Needless to say it is now at my home. I am one that goes to antique stores to to buy things that I will actually use. I think that is the homesteader in me. Love you blog.

    1. Jeanna that crock was a great find! What a score! You must be proud! I love vintage items they just bring me joy! I too have to be thinking is this functional when we pick up items. I am so glad you stopped in and I am so glad you enjoyed your visit 🙂 Please come over here again when you have time…..hope to see you again soon!

  6. Thanks for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!!! Can’t wait to see what you share this coming Thursday 🙂 Here’s the super easy link to the next hop!

    If you haven’t checked out Wildcrafing Wednesday yet, please do! 🙂 It’s a hop I co-host for herbal remedies, natural living, real food recipes, and self sufficient living. Here’s the link for tomorrow’s hop:

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