DIY: Feather Boutonierre with Fly Fishing Materials

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DIY: Feather Boutonierre’s with Fly Fishing Materials

Lil' Suburban Homestead DIY: feather boutinierre's

Project Time: 1 hour for 2 boutonierre’s


Project Budget: $5.00


So it’s prom season and our son’s senior prom was last night! What a fun time and he got to make memories for a lifetime with his friends last night isn’t that awesome? But you know anytime someone in our family has a special event I try to see what we can add to the event that might add a unique flavor or in this case what could help distinguish our son and his friend who happened to not only be going Stag to the prom together but were wearing cooincidentally matching tuxes. I saw a few boutonierre’s on pinterest that were made with feathers but none were exactly the style I was looking for.

I am also fortunate because my Grandpa was a fly fisherman and so is my husband so I knew he had lots of materials at his disposal. Just to make sure we also went to the craft store in case he didn’t have the style feathers I wanted for this particular project. The good news is it worked out we mixed some of his very valuable feathers with some of the craft shop feathers and the affect was quite dazzling as I am sure you will agree!

lil suburban homestead my senior
My handsome lineman son sporting his boutonierre proudly!


Items You will Need to Make Your Own DIY: Feather Boutonierre

  • It helps if you have a fly tying stand like my husband as well if not if you can rig up some sort of delicate clamp as the materials are quite delicate:
    1.feathers (various colors & textures)
    2.peacock herl/florist tape
    3.straight pins marker thread


1. Place 1/2 toothpick about in clamp.
2. Place feathers one at a time how you want them arranged and each time you need to secure with the black thread.
3. After you add all the feathers on and they are arranged you will secure with black thread winding it on.
4. For the finishing touch we took peacock herl but if you don’t have peacock herl you could use glitter forest tape something flashy to finish the bottom of the toothpick since we used the peacock hurl we had a little bit of toothpick sticking out at the bottom so we just painted it with black marker.
5. Lastly you need the straight pin to pin on your dapper guy who will be sporting this lovely boutonierre!


My husband had so much fun making these but we were mostly happy because my son and his good friend liked them so much! It was that little extra something that just finished off the tux and the whole look for them!

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!




3 thoughts on “DIY: Feather Boutonierre with Fly Fishing Materials

  1. Awesome!!!!!!! You could really have fun with these for a wedding or other fancy party!!! Your son looks very dashing in his tux!!!

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