DIY: Don’t Toss Those Toss Pillows! Simple Easy Slipcovers

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DIY: Don’t Toss Those Toss Pillows! Simple Easy Slipcovers

did don't toss those pillows

Project Time: 2hours

Project Budget: $6.00

You are going to love this DIY: Pillow Slipcover tutorial and here is the good news…no pattern to follow! I finally found my inspiration fabric you know the one that just tugs at your heart and you know that’s it! I knew that I had to do redo my old toss pillows on my couch once I found that perfect fabric!  We reuse everything at our Lil’ Suburban Homestead and rarely will we turn down a freebie. So when I got these pillows from my Mom that was no exception and while these pillows were beautiful in their hay day they have been in my home around 6 or 7 years and well they get used! We use our stuff up at our place it’s just how we roll 😉

These don’t take much time to make at all my problem was I bought the fabric and I didn’t have the matching thread so I wasn’t able to finish them the same day. By the way have I told you that I love my new sewing machine it’s not fancy but here is the link to mine if you want to check it out….I just love the stitches and how well they come out and how easy this machine is to use.Click Here to see my new favorite sewing machine my hunny got it for me for a special treat just because!

before and after

As you know I like to keep things simple so I always say if I can do this you can definitely do this because I love to take shortcuts I hate measuring and planning and yet I got the job done!

 To Make These You Will Need The Following

-Measurements of your current pillows you are covering in my case I only needed about 1 1/4 yards of fabric
-sewing pins to secure fabric
-a sewing machine/you could hand sew these but a machine makes quick work of it
-Tape Measure


Measure your pillows and add 1″ all around to ensure a good fit
I did trim the fluff off the side of my pillows you may not have to do this
trim fluff off edges
Cut fabric for front of pillow based on this measurement
Cut 2 pieces of fabric and that are the same width as your pillow you are covering but about 6″ shorter than the length (in my case my length and width of my pillow were the same size so I just shortened by 6″)
Once you cut the 2 pieces of fabric for the back roll over one raw cut of the fabric twice and then pin down like as pictured and sew up (It is important to sew the piece that is the same length as the front)
Once you hem both pieces of fabric for lack of a better word
Lay front piece of fabric face up
Lay both pieces in the back on top (face down) and the pieces will overlap that’s okay
Lastly sew all the way around you may have to pin down and don’t worry too much about your pieces being absolutely perfect mine were not.
finish sewing all sides of pillow
Flip inside out and slide your pillow in and enjoy! My pillows fit right in snugly and perfectly I was so pleased with the results! One more tip if you do struggle getting your corners to poke out properly after you turn inside out just use a chop stick but be gentle as you don’t want to poke your stitching out. I am especially excited about the updated look on my sofa for a couple of bucks and the fact that this is the launching platform for some color changes and updates in our family room! I do like a simple project that turns out nice and I didn’t have to spend a fortune!


I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!




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