A Camping We Will Go – 5 Tips For A Great Camping Trip

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A Camping We Will Go – 5 Tips For A Great Camping Trip

5 Tips for a great camping trip lil suburban homestead

Yes, yes, yes I am still on the camping theme I mean in a way a lot of us do camping type activities and don’t even know it for example every time you have a bon fire out back, light up the grill, or pack up to go to the beach you are in a sense day trecking or camping! Fun….right? And if you noticed yes the blog has been slow….nothing like getting a new job to discombobulate you for a bit but I am thrilled with my new job and while I won’t divulge many details I will share two pieces of information; the new job is public relations related and I am still in education which I love I am so passionate about life long learning so it suits me!

The whole point of camping is to break away and have fun but it’s not very much fun if you either go in with incorrect expectations or if you don’t  properly prepare your family. The best part is you get to make memories which is not so easy with a 17-year-old lineman but we did it! We went tubing, fishing, hiking and just talked by the campfire so much fun! So I am going to share a few tips that will make your next camping trip more fun and more successful.

No. 1 – Set realistic expectations for your family about camping – explain to everyone there will most likely be some hazards like mosquitos, fire ants, and maybe even a fish-hook in the leg.  It’s not pretty when things happen like a medical issue but it’s even worse when you are not prepared.  Make sure that you have a first aid kit on hand and in addition to that make sure you also have medical records, health insurance cards, and any medicines you might need. For example we always have on hand Benadryl, ibuprofen, pain relief antibiotic ointment, nasal spray, and anti itch cream. Don’t feel like you are giving in when you use bug spray or citronella candles…I mean it’s buggy out there!

No. 2 – Pack simply and strategically for example one knife can do double duty……better to have a lot of industrial strength foil instead of a foil that rips. (ugh!)   Don’t try to go on your very first camping trip 100% sustainably ( yes I did say that and I so believe in living sustainably) but if you do most likely you will end up extremely frustrated and not feel like you were on vacation at all – bring some paper towels, wet wipes and paper plates (made from recycled materials is even better) to help ease the pain of the infinite amount of dishes you will have to do and better yet divide up the work load before you go. We would take turns with our kids back in their younger years–doing dishes one night my husband would do them, I would do them the next, and then our kids would wash them together.

No. 3 – Don’t expect too much from your children – for example don’t expect Little Johnny to feel comfortable going to the bathroom by himself once it’s dark. I struggle myself with the 4am call of Mother Nature at times but I am in my mid 40’s so I suck it up and go out on my own with my husband’s huge mag flash lite that can pack a good punch LOL! On the other end of this don’t expect your older teenage child to enjoy all the activities they used to. I could not get my son to play Phase 10 with me to save my life and I tried…this used to be one of our favorite family games…they grow up quick enjoy them wherever they are at on their journey!

No. 4 – Pick times of the year to camp when the weather will be kinder to you! We have camped in the brutal heat or cold and it’s just not all that enjoyable for everyone. Truth you can’t always choose if it rains but pack rain boots, rain coats, umbrellas, and tarps to make for a more enjoyable time and you may want a campground with good laundry facilities if you are packing light or have several children!  If it’s summer and not storming better yet let your children go play in the muddles but make them muck on over to the shower house before they come back and mess up your tent or camper.

No. 5 – Finding campgrounds with exciting natural features that occupy children such as lakes and streams that offer swimming and tubing, good hiking trails, some easy rock climbing and maybe even fishing or collecting sharks teeth and seashells at campgrounds that are ocean front! My parents used to take me to Fairy Stone Campground in Virginia and I loved to hunt for fairy stones or you could even go digging through some old historic sites! We also love to skim rocks on lakes…..old fashioned fun is still fun! My 17-year-old son still loves to hunt for crawfish and use it for bait when we trout fish.

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



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