We Are Back In The Bees!

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We Are Back In The Bees!

we are back in the bees

Woohoo buddy we are back in the bees and I cannot contain my excitement! Not having bees for all of last summer was the most depressing thing ever….but by the time we realized our losses it was too late to fix anything and too late to order more bees.

the Viking getting the bees settled in

We had our bees arrive yesterday and the Viking in my life could not contain his excitement. There is something about the smell of the smoker, and fortunately we have pine straw everywhere so my husband is never short on fuel for the smoker.

We placed our beehive in a wonderful location with dappled shade close to the greenhouse. If you are new to keeping bees when your NUC arrives or when you pick it up it will have a screened entrance to keep the bees safely tucked inside until they arrive at their new home.

It was cool and gray day yesterday and the bees did not do a lot of settling in; well at least from the outside so we put the entrance reducer on just to keep them cozy until they are more settled in and in their routine.

our bees at lil' suburban homestead

Today my husband will add another box and some sugar water to help them on there way and they can get to the business that bees love which is building comb and brood. Whether you decide to go into beekeping because you love the bees, you love the honey, or both you should be supportive of any of your neighborhood beekeepers. We need the bees to survive, protecting our pollinators is protecting our long-term future.

It was wonderful to hear the bees buzzing today and they were hard at work while I was hard at work in the garden…sigh…it just made me happy! Yes, it made me the reluctant beekeeper happy 🙂 See never say never you don’t know where your path in life will take you!

I have exciting news too….our giveaway for this fantastic book Permaculture For The Rest of Us by Jenni Blackmore closed today and I will be announcing the winner tomorrow so stay tuned!

I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time…..

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    1. Shane thanks for sharing friend 🙂 I will definitely stop by some time…right now I am running around like crazy getting ready for the Coastal Cluck Coop Tour this weekend…thanks for stopping in!

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