Happy New Year & My One Word For 2017 is “Mindful”…What Is Your One Word?

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Happy New Year & My One Word For 2017 is “Mindful”…What Is Your One Word?

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and that you started off your new year with good intentions! The Viking and I spent a relatively quiet New Years Eve watching the ball drop and then on New Years Day we were surrounded by good friends for our Annual New Year’s Gathering! I will have to share more about that soon! I decided to use the holiday to catch up on things around our homestead, plan our garden, and pick out my new word for the new year! There is nothing like restoring a soul like spending time with loved ones!

Of course I made my Brunswick Stew and my Frugal Fish Stew which is tradition around our lil’ homestead!

New Year's Day Good Eats! #foodiechats #foodie #goodeats

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I will recap our holiday season! At work we had a lovely holiday party where I played the tambourine and really showed off my musical skills lol…NOT! We also had a game day that was an absolute blast which really did kind of bond me to my co-workers if you will. With family well we took in a local play, a lovely brunch, and even played Scrabble…I love playing board games during the holiday season don’t you? It always reminds me of being a kid again.

My Sow True Seed catalog came in the mail and I was able to start dreaming about my garden and I love purchasing my seeds from a North Carolina vendor in my beloved and favorite area to visit in our fine state of Asheville and Black Mountain and surrounding area.

My favorite time about this year is cleaning out old stuff, repairing and reusing what we can and spending time with friends and family. I will confess other than my persimmon bread which I love making I did very little cooking this holiday season! Although I made an improvised cranberry sauce to serve over brie and it was fabulous!


Homemade cranberry sauce over brie was a big hit! #foodie #foodiechats

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I decided instead of writing about my holiday I would share it in a few photos but needless to say overwhelmingly my holiday was not “Homesteading” focused but come to think of it when you live a lifestyle like we do it’s just on auto pilot if you will. I know that I have to pick out the seeds for this spring for the garden, I am picking up the art of making sour dough bread t his year and I am sewing more as time goes on.

Lastly we had an owl land in our yard one evening…click below to listen!


Guess what we have out back tonight? #Christmas @keepin_da_bees @chef_de_exquisite you can’t see it you have to listen!

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Now on to my “One Word” which completely ties into my New Years resolutions if you will for the year which are extremely not specific by design LOL!
According to Google Mindful means…
mindful according to Google

I have learned I don’t always have time to experience every thing I want to experience so I started skimming more and more  and well for me turning 47 in 2017 this year I just want to soak it all up and enjoy every minute. I must say I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions overall but I do believe in New Year’s Intentions and I set an intention to walk more, read more,  enjoy life more, and be more mindful and in the process if I make more money this year well then I’ll take it!

Thank you all for being on the journey with us! We are so grateful for all of you!

Happy New Year! I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year & My One Word For 2017 is “Mindful”…What Is Your One Word?

  1. Hi KarenLynn — I love your word! I was torn between something quiet like that and something that would propel me. I finally settled on the word Action. Because I need to take a lot of it! LOL

    Here’s hoping we all experience plenty of good things this year!

    1. Julie thanks so much for stopping in! I feel like I need to take much action too. It’s been quiet here on the blog this month but it’s been a tough month for our family with some losses of family friends. Hope all is well….I love your word and Happy New Year!

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