And The Winner of The Great Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway Is…

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And The Winner of The Great Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway Is…

And the winner of Our Great Backwoods Home Giveaway Is...

Happy Sunday ya’ll!

I cannot believe a week has already flown by so fast and the winner of The Great Backwoods Home Giveaway (Our Personal Collection) is going to be announced in this post!

This is such a huge collection and like I said it’s been well loved but I know it’s going to make someone very happy and we are so excited to share a huge part of our literary/reading life with someone else.

I am so glad I did not have to select the winner but that Giveaway Tools has a program where they select the winner thank goodness as it would be way too difficult for me to decide.

We will be having more giveaways this year including a honey harvest giveaway where someone will win a pound of our coastal North Carolina honey this summer.

The list below is what our winner will receive in the mail most likely by UPS this week. I will notify them directly of how their shipment will arrive.

Our Personal Backwoods Home Collection for Giveaway:

  • May/June 1992 – Amateur Radio, House Foundations, Using Guns as Tools and more!
  • May/June 1994 – Woman Builds Log Retreat, The Family Pond, Great Bread Recipes, The Wood Cookstove
  • May/June 1995 – Buying Your Country Dream, Super Solar Shower, Battling Land Taxes, Herb Drying Props
  • Nov/Dec 1995 – Dreams to Reality, Steam Powered Cars, Increasing Family Income
  • Nov/Dec 1998 – Special Food Issue, A Civil War Christmas Dinner, Canning Meat and Vegetables, Victory Gardens
  • May/June 1999 – Vehicles for a new Millennium, What Grandma Used, Homemade Candy, Cool Cucumbers
  • July/Aug 1999 – Solar Food Drying, The Home Water System, Baby Tips, Woman Firefighter
  • Nov/Dec 1999 – How Big is the Solar System, Places to Live, Kitchen Tips and Tricks
  • Sect/Oct 2000 – Cooking Lamb, Starting A Jug Band, Lye Soap Making, Storing Bulbs and Veggies
  • Sep/Oct 2001- Safe Water Supply, Earth Sheltered Homes, Build A Chicken Coop, Your Own Log Home
  • Nov/Dec 2008 – Crabapples, Storage Pantry Meals, Homestead Guns, Fire Wick Fire Starter
  • Jan/Feb 2009 – Eat Well On A Budget, Butchering Game, Vehicle Maintenance, Homebuilding PhD
  • Mar/Apr 2009 – Garden Spaces for Small Places, Raising Quail In the City, A Small Solar System, and Scroll Saw Portraits
  • May/June 2009 – Simplifying Your Life, Frugal Shopping, Jackie’s Garden Primer, Siding With Cement Board
  • July/Aug 2009 – Save Money In The Garden, Solar Water Heaters, Wild Teas, Cast Iron
  • Sep/Oct 2009 – Prepare For Hunting Season, Make Your Own Butter, Host A Canning Party, Choose A Chainsaw
  • Nov/Dec 2009 – The History of BWHM, Extending The Harves, Life In The Desert, Chainsaw Basics
  • Nov/Dec 2010 – Basic Cheese Making, Cutting hair at home, and Fried Foods
  • Sep/Oct 2010 – Build a solar greenhouse, Chainsaw Sharpening, and Build a Pantry
  • Jan/Feb 2011 – Canned Bacon, Chicken Tractor, and Meatless Meals
  • Mar/Apr 2011 – Drive Your Own Well, Morel Mushrooms, Drinking Goat Milk
  • July/Aug 2011 – Wash Day, Storing and Using Wheat, and Survival Store Room
  • May/June 2011 – Saving Seeds, Picking a Pig, and Fire Starters
  • Sep/Oct 2011 – Extend your growing season, Raising kids simply, Buckboard Bacon
  • Nov/Dec 2011 – Solar-Powered Chicken Coop, Savory Supper Pies, Unplanned Homebirth
  • Mar/Apr 2012 – Growing potatoes, Portable Solar, Medicinal Garlic
  • Jan/Feb 2012 – Bartering, Raising Rabbits, Build a Greenhouse
  • May/June 2012 – Top bar beehive, Canning Chicken, Frog Gigging
  • July/Aug 2012 – Huckleberries, Build A Mud Oven, Build a Chicken House
  • Sept/Oct 2012- Homestead Meat, Delicious Pickled Foods, and Easy Homemade Dairy Products
  • Nov/Dec 2012 – Bartering Basics, Food Security, Gun Scopes, Suturing Skin
  • Jan/ Feb 2013 – Bok Bok Bock – The Chicken Issue – All Things Chickens and Fishing for White Bass and more!
  • Mar/Apr 2013 – How To Hide a Gun, Raised Garden Bed, Cherished Herbs, Solar Power
  • May/June 2013 – Tomatoes, Queen of the Garden, Real Rye Bread, Emergency Lighting and Drought Landscaping
  • July/Aug 2013 – Home Dairying, Canning Mistakes, Hog Butchering
  • Sep/Oct 2013 – Hard Cider, Pizza Oven, Fruit Vinegar, Solar Food Dehydrator
  • Jan/Feb 2014 – Plum Trees, Beekeeping, Growing Fodder, Homemade Bread
  • Mar/Apr 2014 – Growing Peaches, Solar Water Purifiers, Beware of Herbicides, Build a Water Cistern
  • May/June 2014 – Self-Reliance Goes Mainstream, Farm-Fencing, Green Beans, Pear Trees, Desert Gardening

We so appreciate being on the journey to with all of you!

Congratulations to Margarett O. I’ll email you tonight! I hope you love these magazines as much as we have!

Stay tuned for more giveaways soon!

Be well!

Karen Lynn

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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