Goji Berries In Your Garden – Healthy & Delicious

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Goji Berries In Your Garden - Healthy & Delicious

Hello friends,

Happy Sunday and I cannot believe we are nearing the end of February already and it’s crazy how this winter has flown by so fast.  I am thankful for that and thinks have already warmed up a couple of times in coastal North Carolina!

When we decided to grow goji berries I had just heard that they were healthy and I mean I really didn’t know what to do with them.  Of course once you start reaping a harvest of a certain plant you realize you may need to learn more about it so case in point.  We had to figure out what we needed to know about goji berries.  Isn’t it amazing when you basically grow your own preventative remedies in the form of food…I mean it’s really cool!

I think they have a very slightly sweet acidic flavor which is quite enjoyable and you can eat them while you are harvesting…yum! They are also a beautiful addition to the garden and look lovely on the patio. We grow ours currently in a pot but we are looking for a permanent ideal location for them in the yard or we are going to move our goji berries to a larger pot.

They grow wonderfully for us in our gardening zone 8b here and I only hope we harvest more this gardening season.

Goji berries actually taste pretty good so that’s a pro for them but the good news is they are extremely healthy for you as well.  

Facts About The Goji Berry:

The goji berry is a variety of the lycium berry (lycium barbarum)

They are loaded with anti-oxidants

Support and stabilize blood sugar

Lots of Vitamin A and C

Improve immune system

and so much more!  

Where can I find them?  (no affiliate links here)

Gurney’s Nursery

Fast-Growing Trees

What can you do with them?

You can just eat them as is right off the tree/shrub

You can dehydrate them and place them in a homemade trail mix with nuts

You can brew tea with them

You can make smoothies or add them to juicing recipes

You can toss them into breads/cakes like raisings

Use your imagination!  I think they would garnish cakes nicely as well!

What do you think?  Do you think you could incorporate them into your gardening plan?

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!


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