Mushrooms Not Just Food But Medicine Too: All About Chaga

Mushrooms Not Just Food But Medicine Too: All About Chaga

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)

mushrooms as medicine all about chaga

It’s another Sunday as we approach the holiday season and I just cannot believe how fast time is flying by. The world is facing such a sad time with all of the recent events encompassing such devastation and with other things going on my life it’s really changed my perspective on the holiday season.  This year my perspective has really shifted to focusing on family and good health and it is influencing my plans for the holiday and even my plans for events we are attending. That is why at a time of year when everyone for the most part is sharing their favorite holiday cookie recipes or other goodies;  I’m sharing about mushrooms LOL….Don’t get me wrong though as I love a good holiday dessert!

In the past The Viking and I with our health goals would tend to say “Let’s start that tomorrow” and then we never did.  So my husband the Viking in my life have been making changes with a little bit more passion and sense of purpose.   Some of these aren’t necessarily new changes they were habits we used to put in place occasionally that now we are making more a part of our daily life.   For example juicing is now something we are doing on the daily to what extent we can some days are more hectic than others but that’s how it is with good health isn’t it?  Are you going to make time for good health in your life?   This is why I am excited to talk to you about “Chaga” tea made from mushrooms, they actually live on the birch tree. The downside is the Chaga mushroom is quite expensive however my husband read that you can re-use the chunk of Chaga over and over for a while. I’m still learning about this more but I can update this blog post to keep all of you posted.

Known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God” and the “Mushroom of Immortality,” this vibrant growth has been used by humans to support health for thousands of years. The Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest,” while the Chinese deem it “King of Plants.”

(Source: Chaga

 Why You Should Incorporate Chaga Tea Into Your Diet

  • Chaga is loaded with nutrients.

  • Chaga is an immune system builder because it is loaded with Beta-D-Glucans.

  • It is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-oxidants on the planet.

  • Chaga is great for your skin it promotes the formation of melanin and also improves circulation in the body.

  • Chaga is loaded with anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Chaga an adaptagen is a stress reliever and abates feelings of stress and fatigue.

  • Chaga supports the liver.

Chaga is also anti-candida, it protects against yeast infections.

I really could go on and on at all of the things that everyone all over the web says that Chaga mushrooms do but the truth is in the US we do not drink tea like other countries do. Most countries all over the world drink tea as part of tradition and a healthy life style.


How To Make Your Own Chaga Tea

Instructions for Making Chaga Tea. For a stronger tea, just put 3 TBSP. of Chaga tea bag or small chunks (1/4 cup of chunks) into a 2-liter (or 2 quart) pot of water and steep on low on your stove. (We use our glass coffee pot filled to the 12 cup level) on a low setting for 7 to 10 hours. We used 1 chunk of Chaga Mushrooms and boiled about 6 Cups of water and we obviously cannot drink all of that tea all day so we refrigerate for use the next day.

 Some people drink 6 to 8 cups of Chaga Tea per day I am only just beginning and for me one to two cups a day is nice. It is very mild in flavor and easy to drink.

I ordered our Chaga Mushroom off of Amazon from a little shop, it had good reviews and I wanted to start out small in case I could not stomach it.

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4 thoughts on “Mushrooms Not Just Food But Medicine Too: All About Chaga

  1. How interesting!! What does it taste like? Do you put sugar in it or is it more of a broth? LOVE the medicil part, but not sure i could sto ach it…lolol Thanks so much.

    1. Bobbi it really has very little taste….kind of hot tea and very plain so easy to drink and digest no issues with that. I did joke the first time I had it that I felt like I was drinking tree bark LOL! How is your holiday season going?

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