Get to Know Your Farmer: Meet Charlie

Get To Know Your Farmer!

Good evening everyone and happy Sunday! Local farmers and the importance of their impact on our lives has been on my mind lately. This is why I was inspired to do a, “Get To Know Your Farmer” series. While we have not been in the midst of a major food shortage due to Covid19 with the exception of meat; we have had shortages due to overwhelming demand. Getting to know the farmers in your region is a great way to become connected to your community.

What makes a garden? The beauty of a garden is that it takes shape through the lens of the gardener or artist if you will’ almost like paint to a canvas. I have been admiring a garden plot in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and on a visit recently to one of my friends I finally got to meet the gardener of this plot.

Meet Farmer Charlie!

Meet Charlie. Charlie has a big smile and a laugh and he loves growing food. He was visiting our friend when we stopped by her house to do some plant swaps. You see the beauty of gardening is that we all connect and share our abundance. Just one of the many ways in which gardeners connect as we love to talk about what we are cooking up in the kitchen as well.

My husband and I quickly became engaged in a conversation (socially distancing of course) and a new friendship began with Farmer Charlie. When I started asking Charlie questions about what he was currently growing in his garden, he had a lot to share and I even found out he has more gardens that he farms out in the country as well.

Definitely my favorite time is harvest time…and everything I grow is all organic!” – Farmer Charlie

Art or Garden? Is there a difference?

Charlie’s artistry and passion was quickly evident as I took a closer look at his gardens. Charlie had an amazing assortment of produce growing to include tomatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini, okra and pumpkins. In the middle of the garden Charlie’s drift wood sculptures serves as a focal point and paying homage to the fabulous salt life we live and to our beautiful port city. He also had a beautiful compost pile with volunteers coming up and I had to chuckle because some of my best crops come up on our lil’ suburban homestead in the compost pile.

Charlie shared in our conversation that he’s not only a local farmer but he has also had several different produce stands. He’s working on future plans to hopefully start a produce stand on the 800 block of Chestnut Street in Downtown Wilmington.

When I asked Charlie what he loves about farming and gardening, he shared, “What I love about gardening is I enjoy watching the plants grow. Even though it takes time and I put so much work into it, but then to watch it produce…definitely my favorite time is harvest time…and everything I grow is all organic!”

Charlie grows beautiful fresh produce and sells it locally. He also does gardening work, landscaping projects and sells firewood. He was happy to share his contact information with all of you. Charlie shared, “Just call him and see what produce he has or if you need gardening help or firewood!” His phone number is: 910-523-6104.

Stay tuned for our next local farmer feature! So many great farmers in the Cape Fear Region to feature!

Be well and stay safe everyone!


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