Lil’ Suburban Homestead with Karen Lynn: Ep. 3 Early Spring Gardening Preps

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Early Spring Gardening Preps

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Join me for my show this week as my husband The Viking in my life joins me on  the show as a special guest and weighs in on important gardening topics such as “Soil Amendments, Composting, and Mulching” and adds his own brand of humor to the show as well.

We struggled terribly with sandy soil and a different gardening environment when we first arrived in Coastal North Carolina and soon learned that their is more than one way to accomplish our gardening goals!    While this is a rebroadcast we do have a live streaming show coming up on January 26th, 2015 Monday night at 8pm on Around The which is called “Winter Garden Preps For Spring.”  It’s never too early to start working on the garden unless it is covered up with ice in which case that is a different story entirely.

They will answer some questions from readers as well as weave in a story or two as the couple shares their struggles and successes with gardening on their ⅓ of an acre in suburbia.  We will also share why compost is so important and if you are not composting why you should be composting and mulching in your garden.  Every second counts from this point on until we get to the gardening season but in Coastal North Carolina the gardening season has already begun!

Have you ordered your seeds yet for Spring?  Have you planned your garden yet?

 This show was originally broadcast on The Survival Mom Radio Network and is now being broadcast at Around The, The Prepper Broadcasting Network and here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead too! 

In this episode I also share some humorous stories and anecdotes along the way!  I hope you enjoy it!

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