Too Many Pine cones In Your Yard? Make a DIY Pine Cone Wreath!

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Are you up for a festive frugal holiday craft?  I am not typically a crafty person myself as a matter of fact I was invited to my very first Pinterest party recently and was so glad the hostess is choosing the projects we are going to do as I can be a little challenged in the Arts/Crafts area but I love to do them!  So recently I realized we had a ton of big, gorgeous, beautiful pine cones in our yard so I decided to go to Pinterest and find instructions on making a wreath but mine ended up being much much simpler so I will tell you how I made it and I know you can make it too.  This is going to hang on a tree in my front yard.  The only thing that would make it better is if I would just smear them all with peanut butter and put seeds on it for the birds 😉

supplies for diy pinecone wreath

So all I did was go to a local craft store and buy a foam wreath, some floral wire, some gold glitter, and some glue sticks for my glue gun as I was out of them.  I also had some gold tule and some gold ribbon.

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I had my handsome teenage son collect some pine cones for me and I told him to make sure to grab the ones that are most beautiful!

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  1. So first I wrapped gold tule around the foam wreath.  You can just tuck it under tightly.
  2. Then I lined up the pinecones how I wanted them on the wreath and you want them to be kind of tightly fit together but don’t put them too tight yet.
  3. Then I hot glued all of the pinecones into place.
  4. Next I tied them all with floral wire onto the wreath and for me this was easier to do after I glued them.  This is when I made sure all of the pine cones were all overlapping together tightly.
  5. Then I dabbed white elmers glue all around the tips of the pine cones mainly the ones facing the front and then I sprinkled gold glitter all over them.  (This part is messy)  Don’t forget to be frugal and save your glitter!
  6. I let it dry overnight and then the next day I tied a gold ribbon where it would fit easily.  This ribbon can also be used to hang your wreath up.

glitter sprinkled on pinecones

This wreath is very frugal my total for all items was under $9.00 but I not have a ton of glue sticks and glitter for other projects!  It is always nice around this time of year to decorate your life with ornaments and other projects too!

I am actually quite pleased with the ease and simplicity of this project and how nicely it turned out!  Have a great time decorating your life and the lives of others!


14 thoughts on “Too Many Pine cones In Your Yard? Make a DIY Pine Cone Wreath!

  1. Beautiful! Grandson and I went to a neighbor’s pond where there are pine trees and cones all over. Gathered them to make a wreath. I made one years ago, maybe remember how. 🙂 Your post inspires me! Thanks.

  2. Awesome job Karen!! I bet to buy a wreath like that you would pay $25 for it. It pays to be crafty! I enjoy Pinterest myself although my obsession is men’s clothes and brownies… no crafty in me.. at least not yet. Shared on FB! they love it! Mr.CBB

  3. Living in Oregon, I have access to a ton of pinecones, mainly cluttering up my front yard. What a fun idea! I got my kids’ friends together to make wreaths for their families. Bingo – clean yard, busy kids, happily surprised families. Win-wn-win. Does it get any better? Yes. Add cinnamon oil for a wonderful aroma if using indoors!

    1. Rose I love the idea of adding cinnamon oil for that wonderful holiday aroma! Why is it that I crave those lovely yummy smells this time of year? I had so much fun making ours and my son even used to help me pick them up out of the yard….good times and good memories. Happy Holidays friend! ( I know a little bit early)

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