Recreational Repurposing Or You Can Just Call It Dumpster Diving

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cat trainer brand new in the box

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

A new word I made up for Dumpster Diving and it actually sounds like a job description you might actually see in the want ads actually is “Recreational Repurposing”.

So it’s time for one of the features that everyone loves I am trying to do one every week….it’s our latest dumpster diving adventure!  We have found more treasure…..or at least some items that we will either use or possibly resell at a yard sale.

Either way it’s taking someone else’s trash and repurposing it.

These are our latest finds!  Trust me I couldn’t even make some of this stuff up!  If any of our posts are going to start “trash talk” this would be the one 😉

Yes the first item is a “Cat Trainer” that teaches your cat to be toilet trained it’s called “The Litter Kwitter” and YES It’s brand new in the box….we might have to have a giveaway for this one!  I have never seen this item before so it was funny to me!  However it really sells for about $49.95 at Amazon…however my husband says it’s missing the instructional DVD that’s probably where all the magic happens 😉

The next item is a backpack that is in great shape however a little too small for my son so I will most likely be donating this item.

back pack in great shape


The towels shown below are Christmas Towels by Martha Stewart probably sold at Kmart with tags still on and are in mint condition!

brand new kitchen towels with tags on


The next item is a sport picture frame……this would be a great item to get out of the original box and perhaps share as a gift with someone who has a child that plays basketball.

sport picture frame originally valued at 10 buxThe next item is a 9 foot speed jump rope in great condition never used or hardly ever used.  My son will definitely be using this with his training for his football camps this year.

a jump rope thats freeThe last item of this post is a Pearl Vodka Shaker which I am snagging up myself to make coffee drinks!  I love making my own Copy Cat Coffee drinks in the summer I will have to share my recipes with you!

drink shaker by Pearl VodkaThanks to all of you for stopping in!


Goodnight! Ya’ll!


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6 thoughts on “Recreational Repurposing Or You Can Just Call It Dumpster Diving

    1. Kayla all good Dumpster Divers have trade secrets but it’s not that much of a secret in NC folks can just put whatever they don’t want on the curbs and we know lots of places to go! But my husband is on the road a lot and that’s the real secret he knows where to go and when! I just realized we have that in common…too cool you never really know what you have in common with your blogging friends…do you?

      1. Oh I see. I just wondered if you had a favorite type of dumpster. I live in a college town and it’s just overflowing with good stuff, unfortunately. It sure is sad to see it all go to waste and no one could possibly collect it all. No, I guess you don’t know what you have in common with your blogger friends unless they right a post about it… 😉

        1. Kayla we have the same issue here…too much good stuff people throw away and yes we do have a favorite place we go but it’s top secret LOL! I agree no way we could collect all the good stuff sometimes its a bummer but we take what we will use or we can pass on to a good home…I hate wasting stuff and I am working to eliminate clutter at our home.

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