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Vintage Glassware
Vintage Glassware or Vaseline Glass Contains Uranium

My husband the Viking in my life and I collect all sorts of things especially vintage items we have a fondness for old things it just can’t be helped and while I was away this week at my Technology Conference well he had fun shopping without me but while I am jealous he went out vintage shopping I am thrilled with his latest find.

First off I just want you to look at these beautiful wine glasses! Aren’t they beautiful?

glassware in regular lighting
The Oil Lamp In The Middle Was A Find We Picked Up For A $1.00 At A Thrift Store

I don’t know if  they will ever all get used but that’s probably a good thing because he bought them for about $2.00 a piece and when he brought them home he did some research on them and he found out if you use a black light on them you can tell if they are really “OLD” glass because if it is old glass under the black light there will be a green hue. There was one imposter in the set impeccably replaced by someone with exceptional taste. These glasses were purchased by somebody far more discriminating than us however we will value them and find a special place for them in our home.

an old antique bottle found from our previous property


Click here to read more about Vaseline/Uranium Glassware this is one of the best sites I have found!  Just so you know studies have shown that you do not want to store food in uranium/vaseline glassware because of the radioactive levels and YES it will show up as radioactive on the geiger counter I hope I am spelling that correctly 😉  However you can serve cold liquids such as wine, juice, or other beverages like that for short periods of times and you should be okay.  I am not an expert so don’t quote me on that I have just been doing my own research on this. If you know otherwise please let me know.  We have not used these yet but I so can’t wait to set them on my table they are just so attractive and classic!

Here is the photo I took of the glasses that shows the imposter:

imposter glassware

Oh and don’t even ask me why I own a black light because it is another dumpster diving find. Now you know 🙂

He got lucky on these glasses but maybe you will too! What is your latest find from the antique/thrift stores?



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4 thoughts on “Vintage, Classic, Treasures – Vaseline/Uranium Glassware

  1. Wow, those are some nice finds Karen!! I haven’t found anything lately since winter has been here but look out. Once the fluff is gone and people start spring cleaning all sorts is put to the curb.

    1. Well Mr. CBB we got the oil lamp a long time ago and the bottle we actually found under an old historic house but the glasses yes as the old expression goes “the mice will play while the cats away” my husband is a vintage item addict and he went out shopping while I was out of town 😉 I was jealous but GLAD he snatched these up and lets face it I would much rather have a husband addicted to vintage finds, and making wine 🙂 Hope all is well with you and Mrs. CBB have a great week! Thanks for the comment I love them! 🙂

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