Early Spring Planting and A Garden Day

 Our abundant carrot harvest

We are blessed to live in such a temperate climate in Coastal North Carolina and we have already had a few good days to get out in the garden and clean out the coops.  This past weekend we planted some different varieties of spinach, swiss chard, peas, onions, and carrots.

onions in the garden

It is such a fun time to plant and see the fruits of your labors early in the spring but it is also a risky time to plant because the beloved little sprouts could poke up from the soil and we could have a frost hit too.  We know this but we just can’t help ourselves and most of it is cold hardy so we should be fine.    We do have covers to put over the gardens such as old sheets but you have to know the frost is coming.

my husband preparing the gardens

We had a great carrot crop this past year!  Our first real bumper crop of carrots prior to this we have had tons of issues with carrots namely all of the carrots would be too knobby to even eat and too woody.  I credit our success to our soil mixture in our raised beds which my husband “The Viking” in my life came up with.

our chickens were enjoying the day too


Our chickens were enjoying the day too!  And They loved the clean coops for sure!

me cleaning out the coops

I am most excited about carrot soup at first I was going to make it today but I am thinking about making a huge pot of it so I can share it at work too.  We have a work crock pot event coming up on Thursday and I think everyone would love this especially my gluten-free and vegetarian friends.  I love looking at these beautiful carrots they just make me happy!

i spied an asparagus spear

Another exciting item to note was the asparagus spears we spied!  We have 2 of them…..my mouth is watering over the asparagus spears to come!

our beautiful carrots

I wish all of you a wonderful week!  Oh and more details to come towards the end of the week regarding the Revival of my Saturday Link Up The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post coming back this weekend!  I hope you link up!



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6 thoughts on “Early Spring Planting and A Garden Day

    1. Isn’t it so much fun? I planted another round of tomatoes and peppers last night I am addicted to both. What is your favorite seeds to plant? Thanks so much for stopping in!

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