A Day At The The Shooting Range – A Survival Diva Post

KarenLynn shooting at the range

It is important when you own guns to get out on the range and shoot them and numerous articles I have read encourage gun owners to get more comfortable with their guns.   Apparently many people buy guns to have in case of emergency but never really learn how to shoot them.   Well my husband and son will go to the shooting range any chance they get but I am often worried about groceries, dinner, the garden, you name it I probably have it on my mind.  So since it’s Spring Break and I consider this not to be only a family outing but a family investment in our future to make sure we are all comfortable with all of the guns we own in our household and learn how to use all of them not only comfortably but responsibly.

The guys getting ready to shoot at the range.
The guys looking over an issue with the ammo loading in one of the guns

We brought three guns to shoot on this particular day, we had also planned to have me test out hand guns but their was no ammo available for me to do this.  Very concerning about the ammunition shortage in this country this is the third or fourth time we could not find ammunition available.


We shot my a gun we purchased for my son to use for squirrel and rabbit hunting a Marlin .22 semi-automatic rifle which was very comfortable to shoot.  We brought another .22 to shoot and a handgun.  We all had an opportunity to shoot all three guns and I have to say I felt like I was not all that bad of a shot but of course I had my glasses on 😉

My favorite part of the fact that we go to the Shooting Range together is that my husband mentors and coaches my son in the use of fire arms.  This is so critical my husband also participates in a pledge each year the NC Hunting Matters Program to bring a youth out hunting besides our son to help them learn about hunting, the rules, and gun safety.  Many children in this day and age do not have a hunting role model whether it be male or female and so they are not informed on the importance of controlled wild life management and safety laws all of which is critical information to the new hunter.

Do you like to go out on the shooting range?  I would love to go skeet shooting soon I am in process of looking for a place to do that I think that would be a fun family outing as well.  And the guys can’t wait to take me squirrel hunting this fall.

Have a great rest of your week and Happy Wednesday!


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15 thoughts on “A Day At The The Shooting Range – A Survival Diva Post

  1. Don’t waste them! I saw on the news last night that for some reason Homeland Security is buying amo up by the 100’s of 1000’s. Keep your knitting needles handy!!!

    1. I know Charlotte however these were two .22 rifles that were brand new so we had to make sure we were all comfortable using them but trust me we don’t go shooting for sport very often these days its sad actually that someone is buying all the ammo up why I wonder does Homeland Security want it all for themselves unless they are worried about something???

      1. I would hate to have to kill anything because I’m such an animal lover. We had 7 deer in the backyard on Saturday. I put some deer feed out and they immediately got up and came toward the food. I stood there very quietly talking softly to them while they ate. Didn’t want them to be afraid of me. Had to quit leaving food out for a couple of cats that adopted us because we’ve had a new visitor. A young coyote has the nerve to come right up to the back steps. He is so pretty but we know enough to be watchful. We get to enjoy the mother raccoons coming by with their babies and the possums with their tummies hanging to the ground with their babies. I used to be able to put out railroad flares with my boys 22’s, but that was a long time ago and those guns are long gone. My oldest son just retired from the Army a year ago and his experience with guns of different types has been amazing. It’s just scary to hear all the stuff that is going on anymore and wonder if we will need to know how to protect ourselves. I’m thankful for what nature has shared with us since we moved down here in the woods.

        1. Charlotte it’s a good thing they came up in your yard….and not my yard during hunting season because my freezer would be stocked. I appreciate their beauty but I also love venison stroganoff. I have friends that won’t kill or butcher them either but I’m just like it’s kind of like free food….I guess its the frugal gal in me 🙂 I am sure your son is quite experienced with firearms and it is hard to know what to do to protect ourselves these days. You sound like you live in a beautiful place in the wildlife I am envious but I do like living 10 minutes from the beach 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I’m not a hunter nor have I ever used a gun in my life and probably won’t . My brother in law on the other hand loves hunting and so did my dad. I just never got into. Great photos Karen, now I’m scared of you hhahaha

    1. Mr. CBB I did not grow up shooting guns at all I might have shot my Dad or Uncles rifle a couple of times and it always scared me……but with my husbands confidence in me I slowly started going to the range and I have to say my son is quite encouraging too…..once I got more comfortable the more I enjoyed going….and I look forward to going hunting now….but didn’t used too trust me 🙂 However I do think its a good skill to have under my belt for future purposes one day I might have to be out there and catch my own dinner the thing that concerns me is that there might not be any ammo!

    1. Oh yes I so need to come over there! This week has flown by too fast! Thanks so much for commenting!

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