Table Scraps or Free Food? Growing Your Very Own Pineapple Plants

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the beginnings of a pineapple plant

When we buy avocados, mangoes, pineapples we rescue the seeds or in the case of the pineapples the tops and grow new plants well I am so excited to show you some pineapple plants and how we start them and in just a short time the beautiful plant they can become!  My grandmother Norma did this all of the time it never ceased to amaze me the plants she grew and place outside her apartment building.

With pineapple plants we cut the top off and soak  them in water until they start rooting it is so easy and then the rest of the hard work just takes time.  They root within a week or two and then we transplant them to a larger pot bu they do need to overwinter inside your house or your greenhouse.

It is such an amazing thing to take parts of discarded fruit and turn it into something that becomes another plant for free or one day even fruit which it will become.

I am so excited about getting some pineapples off of these plants one day and they will look like the picture below sooner than you think.

a pineapple plant all growed up

We are in it for the long haul!  Most gardeners really learn to live by the seasons and they are patient as they know this kind of growth does not happen over night.

Also parents this is a really fun activity to do in the summer with your children or if you are homeschooling it is a great project to watch table scraps turn into food!  Essentially because it is something you would have otherwise thrown away or composted it becomes Free food which is even better!




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11 thoughts on “Table Scraps or Free Food? Growing Your Very Own Pineapple Plants

  1. We rescue whatever we can.. just got a free salad bowl the other day from the garden centre who was giving it away because it was wilted.. it’s coming back to life now and that love fern of ours.. it’s still going over a year later found left dying on the side of the road…. I’m going to try this out.. love it Karen! Thanks for the idea.

    1. Awesome Mr. CBB one year we saw a bunch of plants smushed in a pile at our local hardware center so we knew they would be discarded later that night they were out by the dumpster it took a lot of work but we brought some of them back to life great find thanks for sharing! Have a great day and so glad you stopped in over here.

  2. I’ve only successfully rooted one and it’s still very small and on a windowsill in my kitchen. My mother has rooted several and even grew one the 2 years required for it to produce a pineapple for her! How cool.

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    1. Taylor I haven’t gotten a pineapple yet so I am impressed with her completely 🙂 Maybe me and you can do the same! so glad you stopped in over here….

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