Huevos Rancheros Lil’ Suburban Homestead Style

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huevos rancheros
Yes the eggs are under there!

I love eggs and I love beans so what could be better than having them both together right?  Well I typically do not order this at restaurants because I am always concerned it will be too rich for breakfast and then on our trip back from Tennessee we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants in Black Mountain, NC Louise’s Kitchen and my daughter ordered their version of Huevos Rancheros and oh my goodness it was so delicious of course I had a bite of everyone’s meal my family is very generous like that we always share so we know what we need to order next time.   By the way if you haven’t been to Louise’s you need to make a point to get there……it’s a taste buds dream come true if ya’ know what I mean 😉  But be sure to try as much as you can on the menu if possible because it’s all fabulous!

Bush's Baked Beans Truck

Of course you all know I am partial to our eggs our chickens lay right out back for us to eat every day and I don’t know if I mentioned it but when we were in Tennessee we also went to the Bush’s Baked Beans Museum and Country Store!  It was a lot of fun actually and what do you think I picked up there?  Yep you guessed it beans!

Quick Instructions For Huevos Rancheros Lil’ Suburban Homestead Style

To make this just put a little bit of butter in an egg pan and crack two eggs into the pan, then wait until you flip them, and then take leftover beans from the night before if you have them or open a can of beans (I used black beans but red beans are good too) and then take 2 TBSP. of reduced fat shredded cheese and spread on top so it will melt.  Then I place a lid on top to get the beans and cheese cooked thoroughly.  I did not have to season our beans since they were seasoned already however if I had too I would probably take a can of black beans and mix in some version of Tomatoes, green peppers, and onions.

Lastly I put some of my homemade salsa on top and non fat greek yogurt or lite sour cream whatever you prefer.  This is a healthy delicious meal for any time of day….if you haven’t tried them before let me know if you try them out I would love to hear what you think!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!




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11 thoughts on “Huevos Rancheros Lil’ Suburban Homestead Style

  1. This sounds great and I’ve done it before and slapped it on some toast. We call it beans on toast in the UK but this is the jazzed up version. We stopped buying sour cream now and just use plain yogurt. I make all sorts of dressings now with plain yogurt, fresh herbs, lime, ginger, garlic.. and use it for dipping sauces and salad dressings. Thanks for sharing Karen!! Mr.CBB

  2. Mr. CBB I know its a simple recipe but I think sometimes many of us don’t give new combinations a chance 🙂 I will definitely have to try it on toast…sounds yummy! I use non fat plain greek yogurt but my guys are kind of reluctant to use that even though in my opinion it tastes the same……..I love your thinking I made my son not too long ago a salsa and yogurt dressing he didn’t like it but I loved it! Thanks for stopping by Mr. CBB 🙂 Have a great day!

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