Book Review: Homemade Holiday Recipes – 80+ Recipes for Home-Cooked Holiday Magic

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Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of a holiday cookbook collaboration with the Homestead Bloggers Network and to have my Homemade Holiday Granola recipe published in this cookbook but not only was I excited to be a part of this I was excited to see all of the wonderful recipes as I knew how hard everyone on the team had worked to make this cookbook a reality! Using our honey from our bees to make homemade granola This cookbook cover is bright and splashy but that’s just to get you to take notice the substance of this cookbook is dense…chock full of tried and true recipes from “Homestead Bloggers’ who use these recipes on their own homesteads. I cannot pick a favorite because they all look so good but what I can promise you is that if you use the recipes in this cookbook from breakfast time to dinner time your holiday spread will not only look beautiful but it will taste delicious too! You know I can vouch for my Holiday Granola recipe but I plan to try to several of these recipes over this holiday season!

homestead bloggers holiday cookboo

The best part is the price it is only $2.99 this will probably be the least expensive stocking stuffer you will purchase this holiday season and it won’t clutter up your home as it is an e-book that you can put right on your kindle or your pc with a kindle app. If you do decide to get it let me know what you think of it.  Enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday Season!



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